Mike Yurcich Officially Named Texas Offensive Coordinator

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A 2x OSU coach lands in Austin.

Wonder where all the Yurcich-haters are now?

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So Texas becomes the tosu of the South? With three former staff members what should we call them? Maybe something catchy like Wanna B Buckeyes. I do know we won’t call them back…

This should get interesting when we play.

Probably in Austin a year from now.


You do realize UT’s top two options were the OC for USC that oSu didn’t hire last year and the Minnesota OC who took the PSU job instead? I am still waiting for oSu fans to explain why hiring MY was a good approach for Gundy? I would personally take SG over MY, but would prefer an OC hire with enough P5 experience to not defer to the head coach.

He has a lot better chance of success there because he might be able to recruit a QB that already has the skills. I can’t see that he taught Mason a thing.

I would agree that MR benefited most from his dedication to watching film. IMO this is what helped the coaching staff give him that authority to audible. Haven’t seen that much in 2018 or 2019.

Dumb move if Herman gets canned next season which is a possibility. They’re not that good esp when you see what kind of recruits they get every season. Not skurred of Yurcich esp his play calling. Could help Ehlinger become a better passer though.

If we don’t beat UT next season Gundy and his excitement should get canned.

What did Gleeson show you that was so impressive? I gotta hope the limited and basic plays that were called every game was Mike Gundy’s micro managing rather than Gleeson because if not I’m not overly impressed. Sanders could’ve been helped a LOT more with more imaginative pass plays called every game.

I see Gleeson bringing more to the table than MY and personality wise I prefer SG. I would like to see an OC hire similar to Knowles, Dickey, Holgy, Monken, Henson, etc. I would have liked to see Henson and Dunn get Co OC last year similar to what TCU did a few years ago. That way Gundy can see which guy he felt deserved the job full time and the other coach gets the title on his resume. I think Gundy could have gotten Gleason as QB coach knowing it could lead to a possible OC in the future.

Most of all I hold the MY and GS hires as the actions that slowed program momentum. I think they did the best they could but that was a tough transition. Some tough losses when those guys were learning on the job and oSu is still paying for the effects on recruiting. Crazy that oSu is just getting over the Wickline departure that hampered both MY and GS.