Missing KP

Maybe I’ve missed something, but where is Kyle?? I miss him … :anguished:

Lots to read here: https://www.cbssports.com/golf/
(I think the virus’s impact to the PGA tour schedule has completely changed KP’s availability and he’s had to prioritize that.)

Thank you for the link to Kyle’s golf posts. I understand it’s difficult to juggle two worlds. PFB not the same without him; it’s his creation, after all.


Maybe he could drop a “hello” onto the Chamber??

While I love KP, I noticed this too on the podcast and couldn’t be happier to hear Colby. I think he brings welcomed and appropriate criticism and praise of the program. I do hope KP is enjoying the golf more than pining for us.


Agree on Colby. It’s a fresh take on everything.

But, it’s kinda like getting store-brand vs name-brand w/o KP for me.


I have enjoyed him since he was on the franchise. Just a perfect Poke on the radio.

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My BB of the week goes to PFB for not telling the members where KP is and why he’s not participating/writing/podcast reporting. My auto renewal is teetering. A complete change of lineup seems to merit some sort of announcement. I’m a fan! Please, be more transparent. Respectfully submitted :orange_heart::black_heart:

Do you not like Colby?

Of course, I like him. But, that’s not my point.

They did mention it on the first pod that Colby was on, it was mentioned that with the shift in PGA schedule he is not able to be as involved.

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When Carson on the pod says, “joined as always by Colby,” it infers that a big switch has occurred. Not “substituting for Kyle”?

could have just been a slip out of habit, I just know he did refer to why he wasn’t on the pod at this moment.

That’s the difficulty in trying to fill in the blanks rather than getting a proper statement from PFB.
I’m finished and will cease comment, but not forgetting.
The staff writers are excellent and much appreciated.
Thank you.

Man! I hate to be right, but I felt the absence of KP was more than just golf season. I’m completely bummed, but understand the calling to move on, Kyle. Hopefully, eventually, you’ll do a PFB guest write-up of 10 things or a pod with Carson. I have admired your writing (in the classical sense of the word) and look to see you on a book tour someday. Find a good editor :nerd_face: Thank you for your entrepreneurial spirit that founded this site. You’ll be sorely missed. Glad you credited Mrs Pistols and your kiddos. Best wishes to you. :orange_heart:GoPokes


Listened to the last podcast and it was a great tip of the cap to the past ten years. Good stuff and worth a listen.

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I listened, and agree. Best wishes to KP, always. Hope he makes frequent guest appearances on the pod.