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"Now they are mad that we don’t want to go out of the way to make the game stick around?"
Thats false. The overwhelming majority DO NOT CARE that Bedlam is gone.

"the continuation of Bedlam as a seasonal, nonconference matchup would be much more beneficial to the Sooners than the Cowboys. OU dominates the series. OSU only wins about 16% of the time, so about 1 in 6. That means most years what will come of Bedlam is the Sooners getting a decent win against a top 25, recognizable brand opponent that boosts their résumé for an at-large bid in the new 12-team playoff." So…he thinks OU gaining a “decent win against a top 25 team” will increase their resume…MORE THAN OSU BEATING OU!!! Thats clueless.

"What OSU would get 5 out of 6 years is a beating on national television" That was true at one time. Not anymore. Bedlam is extremely competitive. The fact that he states that as fact is clueless as well. Bedlam since 2000 has been extremely competitive. I understand the record is still dominated by OU, but for him to say its a “beating” is clueless.

Your words say one thing, but your actions…

Well, his point is that OSU doesn’t win very often. Losses kill your postseason. OU may be scrapping for résumé wins more in the SEC… unless they’re not really a better conference.

I sometimes wonder if we would beat OU more if we played them earlier in the season before weaknesses are discovered and corrected and upsets happen, but it’s usually reserved for end of the season rivalry matchups since OU- TEX is played at the Texas state fair. A non-com game could up our percentage. However, he’s just operating off the numbers here. It doesn’t boost OSU to play OU close. It never has. Further, his point is that it would juat be used to deride the Big XII. If you think he’s wrong about that, you’re nuts.

Dude, youre a smart poster. But you are completely, 100% unwilling to look at anything that slightly puts OSU in a negative light. Be better brotha

It is funny how you ignore other peoples opinions at the same time saying your a uo homer.

Ive read alot of these kind of articles. Its the same with the cale thing. Its joes way or bust. Everybody makes out gundy has done worst then any body else. Tennessee and Michigan are worse. With these 2 thought as higher then osu. Tennessee has never beat saban.

What a rivalry like tenn vs Alabama proves is Tennessee fans are idoits like most of sec fans. How can Tennessee get 100k fans to every game.

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You’ve gone completely off the deep end about this whole thing. You contradict yourself, you ignore what’s going on… just take a breath.


You have proven the same thing.

With your take on cale is prime example. You never could bring yourself to think uo was doing anything extreme. Just to save face incase

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All ive said is that OU doesnt care if it goes away. They dont need it. You say i contradict myself??? You say that the losses of rivalries is going to kill the sport…and then advocate for losing Bedlam. It makes zero sense. You say OU is going to be scrapping for resume wins…while OSU wont need a resume boost with what their conf consists of? Like ive siad…youre a smart dude…you gotta be better than that

You on one hand say uo still has rrr which is better then bedlam. Then you say you hate texas and not osu. You say nobody cares about bedlam. Bedlam tv viewers was more the rrr. You all over the place.

Truth be told niether side is going to cry about it. Its just another game being dropped. It does hurt osu and big 12 the most, only as tv looks.

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If I wuldve said OU gives OSU a beating 5 out of every 6 years…you wouldve argued that profusely. And you shouldve…because its a ridiculous statement

Hey chief, the adults are talking here. You are not worthy of being in a conversation with either @jake4 or myself. So move along because you will not be responded to

You are funny . Homers dnt have points that why you back travk just like joe did. Your ignoring me because you have no answers.

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Im of the mind that a 10 15 year break is best for osu. We need to concentrate on the new conference and nil.
Getting out of the “lil” bro syndrome is best.

It will only hurt our tv stuff. The new teams will cause a job in tv games.

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The author of the Heartland article is a rascal. Hes also an OSU homer. No quicker way to lose credibility than to be a Robert Allen/James Hale type.

Your up homer. So everybody else is a non uo homer.
I got you. Thats goons logic

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Your ignorance is showing. Google up who James Hale is.

I dnt care who other people are. Im talking about you being a homer. I know the limits of osu. You dnt face uo limits.

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You say, on the one hand, that realignment isn’t killing history, rivalries, or regionality, then say “who cares about The Backyard Brawl, no one misses it” as a clear and defiant statement of killing rivalry, history, and regionality. The Bedlam series is the secons oldest continuously played rivalry in college football. So, are those things being killed and no one cares or are they not?

Here’s the missing idea that clears up my supposed contradiction. Is this going to kill college football? Yes, but I don’t mean college football is going to end. I mean college football is going to change into a soulless, corporate product that people will decreasingly care about as time goes on and will attract fewer new fans. Do I think Bedlam should die? Yes because I think we’ve already hit the point of no return on turning college football into a soulless, corporate product. We will succeed better in this new environment without Bedlam. There’s no reason to hang onto the past to regionality, history, or rivalry when money has long since trumped those considerations. I’m living in reality, resigned to what’s to come, not futilely hanging to what’s best but also now impossible.

The reality of college football is that it is successful BECAUSE it fills the market gaps. You say no one cares about Bedlam. People in Oklahoma care. People in Iowa care about Iowa and Iowa state. All of these places in the south and the midwest and southwest that don’t have major league franchises and have ties to these universities develop intense loyalties to these quirky little programs. Most major sports are dominated by large markets. The NFL isn’t because of salary caps. College football isn’t because most colleges aren’t in large markets. This is why football dominates the other sports leagues.

We’ve entered the age where we’re banking on national appeal of college football and we’re just going to create the “best leagues”. This will alienate the small market fanbase. The large markets will not care. Where does USC rank among LA fandom… my guess is Lakers > Rams > Chargers > Clippers > Dodgers > USC > Angels > Ducks > UCLA. College football is going to increasingly become a deep south regional sport like how the MLB is biggest on the east coast. It’ll be a more popular NASCAR. No matter how powerful the superconferences become, they’ll never be as competitive as the NFL. Of course people will still watch, but there are different levels of sports fan. Some people just watch their team, some people probably log 40 hours a week watching sports and everything in between. People will be making decisions on where to spend their viewing hours and as the things people invest in become lessened, will they watch? No.

“on the one hand, that realignment isn’t killing history, rivalries, or regionality” No. it isn’t killing history (I have no idea how one kills history) It has ended some rivalries (although none that have effected the viewership or interest level to the overall product). “who cares about The Backyard Brawl, no one misses it” I agree. What the hell is your point?!?! Of course some rivalries have been lost. I’ve never said otherwise. I never have once said losing Pitt-WVU is killing the sport. That’s your stance. Not mine. Whether the Backyard Brawl gets played or not has zero bearing on the current status or future of college football. I have no clue what point you’re even attempting to make?!?! No one misses that game. Hell I had to google up what that game even was once you mentioned it. You say losing games like that are killing the sport. Not me. I couldn’t care less what the hell happens in that game.

I’ve never, ever stated it insinuated that “no one cares about Bedlam”. Losing Bedlam in the context of replacing it with all these other SEC schools is where the losing of Bedlam is a non-issue for OU fans. I’ve said and feel that losing Bedlam is a risk…….but doesn’t come close to outweighing the reward (playing the opponents annually that come from the SEC as opposed to Bedlam at home every other year). I look fwd to Bedlam every year. It’s become the jewel of the home Conf schedule……which is a problem. A home game against Okla St every 2 years cannot be the best thing your Conf offers. I’ve never downplayed what OSU is. But as an OU fan, that schedule in Conf every non-Bedlam year is terrible. But I’d take what the SEC Conf schedule will be over alternating Bedlam every time.

The fervor and fandom for each university isn’t going away. The Iowa fan isn’t leaving because Bedlam or some other rivalry went away. OSU fans aren’t quitting their love for Cowboy football because Bedlam went away. You are correct……those smaller programs are supported by their fan base……& this isn’t going to change that. The people that watch the big games on network TV/streaming isn’t going to go away. That’s preposterous and presumptive to even say that. I say for the 100th time……I get you’re clearly in the “footbsall is dying a slow death” camp. I am not. Nor is anyone involved with the product. You can quit trying to lobby your reasons my way & I won’t lobby any yours. You think it’s dying. I think it’s thriving. We’ve covered that stance with each other.

I guess you no one. Because, you said you don’t care about bedlam as long as you got rrr.

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