More coverage of ........?

As we march on in 2020 and (hopefully) continue to expand as a staff, where would you like to see more (or less) coverage? What are you wanting to read more (or less) about?

How about less Hot Takes on toilet paper. :joy: :joy:

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  1. More softball.
  2. More throwback/history articles (including the “live” blogging of old games).

Thanks for providing the best overall OSU sports coverage out there!


Cowboy Baseball. The program is consistently good, had an ELITE recruiting class last year, has a star-studded coaching staff, and a BRAND NEW stadium opening this season.

Not to mention when you can’t make it to games in Stilly, ESPN+ is covering over 25 more games the rest of the season. And the commentators on ESPN+ are the same as the commentators for the radio broadcast of Cowboy Baseball.


Definitely more basketball recruiting.


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Whatever you do don’t cut the wrestling coverage. This site has become probably the best site for OSU wrestling coverage and it’s great.


I don’t follow OSU wrestling and I’d agree!


I thought the long form articles were really good. The two I read were on AJ Green and Amen O but there’s no reason they would need to be limited to football…

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A couple of articles a year on the cheer squad would be interesting when they go to (and win!) the national championships.


Could you maybe do more articles on Athletic Department employees and what they do? Without giving too much in-depth information?

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I’m late to this, but I think a little more coverage of the non-main sports would be awesome. The football and basketball coverage are awesome and I can’t think of any more I could want from those sports, plus Seth might be the best wrestling beat guy in the country, but I think something like weekly updates on baseball, softball, tennis, soccer, track and field, golf, etc. would be awesome. Obviously you guys don’t have anywhere near the people/resources to be on-site covering everything that happens in Stillwater, but maybe trying where possible to have someone at or watching the big events for those sports would be awesome. Like the Frisco Classic for baseball this weekend, the multiple big tournaments the softball team has played in, etc.


Our soccer program is pretty dang good. Would love to see regular coverage, interviews, etc. I would volunteer for limited cost, but… writing is not my strong suit.