More Time at Power Forward Unlocking Moncrieffe

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Why do all osu writers try to pretend every guy we get was underappreciated. moncrieffe was rated by 247 in 2021 class as a bigtime top 50 recruit. He reclassified so made him top 150 good player in 2020…He was Canada’s top ranked player. Just stop people. It’s an obsession. Why do always undersell every player. Some sure but is just not the case. Boynton’s last class was really good. Facts

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Didn’t have a long list of offers, was No. 160 in the composite ranking. I’m saying he should’ve been higher and recruited by more schools. But if that’s the one thing you want to nitpick from that whole story, OK.

Boynton hit on the difference in MAM’s game now vs. beginning of the season. MAM isn’t a very good shooter at this point in his young career, but Coach B let him shoot early on. When he struggled I’m sure they said hey take the ball to the basket, your an athletic 6’8 guy. I think he’s going to be a very solid contributor for few years. If he develops a mid range game he could be hard to stop. I think he was under recruited a bit due to playing in Canada. If he lived in the states and played for a big time private traveling school he would have been rated higher. The goobers who rate these kids most likely didn’t see him play enough and he did reclassify from 2021 to 2020.

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If these freshmen stick around they should be really good during their senior year. I hope all of them put on some more weight by then. We need to become a team with big men instead of the usual stick men. Ice and Kouma being an exception. It would be great to see Kouma learn how to play the game better in a few years.