Most Underrated OSU Hoopers: Adrian Peterson and Victor Williams

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Two of the best (and most unheralded) to ever lace 'em up.

What about Mo Baker? All Big 12 player at OSU. Carried the team while he was a Poke.

Victor’s teams his junior and senior year were really good. Got as high as #5 in the country his junior year with a 13-0 start until Moe Baker’s injury. Made a big run his senior year as well with arguably the best defensive team we have ever had with Victor, Melvin Sanders, Tony Allen, Andre Williams and Imac. That team had eventual national champion Syracuse down 19 in the first of the round of 32 before losing.Vic was first team Big 12 that year.

Both teams won 23 and 22 games respectively. Vic’s teams went 30-18 in league play in his 3 years as well and won 20 games each year and went to the NCAA. Only one NCAA tournament victory ultimately why he, and others on those squads, are considered to be a bit underrated.

And Peterson is a walking bucket. Good selections.

Melvin Sanders is another guy who is a little underrated. People give Marcus Dove all this credit for his ability to defend, but Melvin was superior defender to Dove. Melvin even got a 10 day contract in the NBA because of it.

Didn’t Adrian Peterson get hurt in the last game or two of his career? I can’t remember the circumstances.

What happened in 1999 tourney? With Peterson and the Elite 8 core as juniors that must’ve been a tough team. I don’t really recall

Pretty sure that team got a bad seed 8/9 and had to play Duke in second round. They kind of got screwed with their seeding but I think it’s because they got upset in the big 12 tournament.

Thanks! I looked it up and it looks like we were 8 seed and lost to 1-seed auburn. I feel like i vaguely remember this game and some Auburn guy with a big Afro.

Porter. He was a pro. Why did I think they played Duke? I think that team played Duke one of those tournaments.

I remember that too, vaguely. It looks like that was 1998 tourney. Again we were an 8 seed and lost to 1-seed Duke in 2nd round 79-73. It’s interesting to think what type of tourney history Eddie could have just if he’d avoided back to back 8 seeds in 98&99. Likely at least one if not two more Sweet 16s