Moussa Cisse Announces Return to Oklahoma State for 2022-23

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The Big 12’s Co-Defensive Player of the Year is returning to Stillwater.

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This is such great news. Love coach Mike and Moussa! Go Pokes!

Good recruiting from coach B. Wouldn’t be upset to see a few guys hit the portal and replace them with proven shooters from the portal.

BT, Avery, Tyreek lookin at you 3 to stay and play next season

Cisse needed to come back and improve. He will be better for it. I am glad for him and oSu.

Cisse didn’t improve by leaps and bounds. Coach B gave him more playing and he went from 4-6 points a game to 10 points. Quick question did Cisse hit a jump shot the entire year. All I saw was him catching lob passes and dunking. If this guy wants to play in the league he’s going to have make real improvements next season and develop an offensive game and shooting. Just keeping it real.

I love Rondel Walker. So quick, fast and so good defensively. And, offensively, he was coming around…

Why yes he did. He hit a jumper just inside the free throw line. He also did an up and under move after his defender over played him. Granted still very raw but it is obvious he is working on it.

He was a solid contributor. Their chemistry offensively should continue to take a step forward next season, if the right guys return.

There are many many other ways to improve that does not show up on the stat sheet

So you can inly remember to shots he made besides dunks. I would not call that improving by leaps and bounds.

Stats are how you measure performance. Improvement is based upon your stats. He can improve his value to the team by being a great teammate, being positive etc…

Nah, stats are how YOU measure performance AND how YOU think improvement is based on

That is why he won a defensive player of the year award? because that is who he is, not every player needs to be an offensive oriented player

My man was voted as defensive player of the year in a league with very few true centers. He’s big and athletic and blocking shots and changing shots is his best tool. Hell, he was the newcomer of the year at Memphis his freshman season in the American Conference based on his ability to block shots as he only averaged 6 points. My point is that he improved but not by leaps and bounds as the article suggested. Hopefully next season brings more improvements.


How many games did you watch this season?

Again, to YOU he has not improved leaps and bounds. And that is fair, you do not have to agree but

don’t block his shine, that is not his fault who plays in this league on opposing teams.

However to be playing in another country, transferring, and losing his mother during the season? He still stayed the course and won DPOY? not to mention in a banned post-season?
He didn’t win this award last year.

You need a spot in the backseat and put yo seatbelt on.

Really didn’t improve. Go compare his stats. He got more time. Which more time made fir the increase in stats.
Boone was dogged all year had more 20 point games
All most as many double digit games with less game and whole lot less time.