Multiple Cowboys Selected on Day 2 of MLB Draft

Originally published at: Multiple Cowboys Selected on Day 2 of MLB Draft – Pistols Firing

A look at where Cowboys are headed.

So this means the pokes only returning starters are the outfielders if my math is correct.
Who knows about third base?

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Isn’t that where Meola (so) was starting until the injury ? Is he gone too ?

Good call there he should return.
Also, looks like Wulfert didn’t get drafted.
They will be alright at third base.

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Adkinson our starting C didn’t get drafted but I don’t know about him he isn’t playing Summer ball anywhere this year but he is only a Junior so unless someone has heard otherwise, he should be back. I don’t have any inside edge so someone may know. I Know we got Schubart, Bruggemann, Daugherty, Ehrhard, Benge, Meola and Beau Sylvester coming back. Im hoping Holt, the LSU 2B transfer came in before this past season can really make strides cuz we got Outfielders out the wazzoo lol. Plus talented JUCO Max Galvin (hit.400 for Miami Dade which is a strong JUCO) and a Wichita State Transfer (Though not the one I wanted) Xavier Cassserilla and some really talented Freshman hitters from Atoka and Heritage Hall HS. Our hitting will be good in my opinion again, but it’s the pitching as usual, im worried about.


Oh I forgot about that SS Lane Forsythe kid coming in from Mississippi State who has National Championship series experience

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Well scratch that on Adkinson is signing with the Cards so he isn’t coming back even though he has eligibility so that kinda stinks but best of luck to him.