Music (Post a Song) Thread

Figured we should do this at some point. Might find something new!

John Moreland, a great Tulsa songwriter, released another single off of his new album today.


Old, but good:

One of my absolute favorite songs in recent years.

Wow… what to post? I’m gonna go down a different path. I picked this one - it is one of my recent favorites to have heard live. It merges the brass section component of some of my old favorites (Earth, Wind, and Fire & “old” Chicago) in the Christian/Gospel genre.


I’ve really been trying to get into Florence and the Machine. Her voice is like an avalanche-causing mechanism.


I love red dirt music and the Micky and the Motorcars album from last year was one of my favorite albums of the year from any genre. This song is pretty cool because it tells the story of an actual battle that a US Green Beret unit fought in. There is also a book by the same name of the song detailing the event. I don’t want this to start any political arguments or anything, military history is just fascinating to me and this song is really good.


That was one of their better albums in a while. Kind of got back to their roots. Good stuff.

Are there any producers in the group? Anyone who does their own stuff?

Not a producer, but I’ve taken formal singing lessons.

(But not because I wanted to pursue a music career.) :wink:

I haven’t done much in the last year, but I am an EDM junkie and like to do mashups. Here’s one based on some snippets from this YouTube video:

Here’s the track I made from it, my buddy challenged me to do it because of his love for the kid :man_shrugging::

Get your good headphones for some solid bass pump.

We’ve seen Florence live a couple of times, in Dallas and Chicago. Absolutely amazing performer. She is the real deal vocally and seems like a great person. I can’t give this post enough likes. Her entire catalog is amazing.

My 9yo daughter is big into music and we hold Flo as the standard bearer and one to emulate.

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I would love to see her live.

OH yea. That’s my jam right there. Production and Mixing. Working on a full length right now. Hope to be done with it in about a year or so. Getting the free time to work on 10 original tunes has been…challenging…

As far as what I play it’s all over the map. Heavy scream stuff, but also play GTR at Church for the past 7 years.

This will obviously not be everyone’s cup of tea, but here’s some videos from one of my band’s last shows. We played it without a rhythm section and used the tracks for the Drums and Bass. Oddly enough it turned out to be one of our best shows.

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This has been my jam for a few months. Haven’t gotten to dip into their EP at all. I think they released it last week or the week before.

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The Netflix special is amazing.

It has a mixed review for me. Need to listen through it a few more times though.

Ireland’s Lady Gaga (before Lady Gaga was a thing):

Get your American Horror Story freak on.