Muted threads show up in mobile, hidden in desktop

I assume desktop works correctly and mobile does not. @kyleporterCBS.

Hmm … threads or categories?

The thread I think. Categories are like PFB+, Site Questions, PFB Articles, right?

Right. I couldn’t find anything on threads …

muted threads are working for me on mobile. Just learned about the feature and holy smokes.



yup using Chrome.

Interesting, I even tried Chrome and it’s still showing up. Just to verify @leecothran, you don’t see the thread at all on mobile?

yes assuming there have been posts in the Rona thread in the past 24 hours.

sorry to keep asking you about this, but did you go to Topic Controls at the bottom of the thread and select “Muted”, or did you do it a different way?

ah, I think I understand. If I view by categories on mobile, I see it. If I view by Latest, I don’t see it. I bet if @leecothran were to view by Categories he would see the thread.

Yes I always view by latest, pretty much.

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@kyleporterCBS, any issues with me reporting this in the Discourse Meta? I’m thinking this is just a bug with Discourse itself.

Very safe assumption. :joy:

I muted that thread and then check it at my leisure. It’s not always a dumpster fire, but emotions do run high most of the time.

Do it.

Seems to be fixed now.

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