Myles Garrett Alleges Mason Rudolph Used Racial Slur in Incident, Per Report

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Rudolph’s representatives issued a strong denial to Garrett’s accusation.

Not mentioned after the game.
Not mentioned in the days after the game.
Time to appeal? Oh, yeah, by the way, Rudolph called me a slur and it rightfully set me off!

Yeah, this deeeeefinitely happened and isn’t Myles Garrett being a lying POS to try to reduce his suspension. At all.


If that occurred just prior to him swinging the helmet, you would think Pouncey or whoever had ahold of Garrett would have heard it.

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Oh, and per the picture thats at the top of this article, there is a ref right there as he is getting ready to swing the helmet. So another potential witness.

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Earlier in the week, he tried to float it out there that Mason went for his genitals. Tape didn’t back that up, so when all else fails, play the race card. Mason (un-necessarily) issues a classy apology and backs off of his post-game comments about Garrett and Garrett promptly responds by labeling Mason as a racist. Sounds like Mason had it right in the first-place. BUSH LEAGUE. What a punk. I wonder how foolish all the people taking up for Garrett feel now?

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I was against legal action, but now Mason needs to go after this sorry POS.

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This post is uncalled for

If this had actually happened, Garrett would’ve been going off about it right after the game, bottom line. And his teammates would’ve too.

Racism is ingrained in this country, no doubt, but a profesional sports game with professional athletes is one of the last places likely to have such language amongst the people on the field/court/whatever. I know Mason is by all indications a MAGA boy on some level (a fact that some are using as smoking gun evidence in lieu of Garrett’s allegation), but what white QB would say something like that given who’s in his immediate vicinity? And especially considering who Mason’s best friend is?

I always liked Garrett prior to this incident, And thought he was insightful and entertaining, but as Dusty Dvorcek just said on the air, this latest episode of this incident likely lost the last amount of respect he had left from anyone who isn’t a Browns fan.

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There is NO PLACE for racism of any kind…I think we’d all agree on that. However, there is also NO PLACE whatsoever for this kind of accusation! I just heard on Rich Eisen that even BM, the Browns QB, said this was the 1st he’d heard of it and is shocked by Garrett’s accusation. Sorry Myles, your race card has been declined…

^^^ This

I think this allegation is more controversial than the actual infraction, whether Mason said this or Garrett is lying. Very surprised the NFL didn’t define the length of the suspension at this point. How can you uphold an indefinite suspension indefinitely?


They’re the NFL. They do what they want :joy:

To me, it shows they didn’t buy his poop about Mason. If he wants a number instead of the use of “indefinite” I’d say tell him 50 games…until further review!

Why is this “uncalled for?” It’s about a former oSu guy - a record holder…an all-time great here - being accused of something huge - which may end up being a slander case!

I think Garrett threw out every internet conspiracy coming out of angry Cleveland fans. This is so wrong.

That’s true! They are definitely stretching out “defining” the suspension to get a read on how the media and public react.