Nanny or sitter recommendations? (Broken Arrow!)

Hey gang. Need your help with a recommendation if anyone is able to jump in. My parents are a close covid contact with someone who tested positive and we were relying on them to watch our daughter (will be 2 in February) while I am in the hospital next Monday-Saturday for chemo. So they’re out. My wife can watch her Monday and Tuesday but I’d like to try and find a nanny who could help WED, THU, FRI next week, as opposed to sending her back to germy daycare given the covid concerns for our family right now.

Nanny must be fully vaccinated + boosted against covid because of our situation and up to date on the flu shot. Willing to pay based on experience. Know it’s short notice. S.O.S.

Really just need help during the day (can pay by hour) - baby goes down at 7p and naps 12-3. In the meantime ideally just basic curriculum for a toddler is fine. She’s pretty independent and we have a ton of tools at our house that would help.

Edit: disregard, she is traveling this week and felt it wouldn’t be appropriate to commit to helping after being around large groups of people. I hope you’re able to find someone

@kyleboone have you found someone? My wife is going to reach out to her cousin who is a kindergarten teacher with Union.

We’re going to reach out to her to see if she is available and meets the vaccination needs you mentioned above

Haven’t found anyone yet @AlecM!