National Signing Day Live: Stay Up to Date with Who Signs with the Pokes on Wednesday

Billy this is your only question. Texas went thru hundreds of 4 and 5 stars to final get a title again. If only the star matters tgen you need to call out ou and texas coaches as being bad coaches. But, your never ending double standards just keeps going.

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The question now is, what do we need in the portal assuming no more attrition?

D line

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You tell me. You’re the one telling everyone they don’t know football. I’d assume 12+ years of not winning the conference with the same recruiting classes or worse is going to yield the same results since 2011. But what would I know, I don’t know football, right?

You wanna call out the school that has 14 conference titles since 2000? Thats sounds extremely stupid.

That’s true :blush:

It took texas 14 years and they recurited the right way.

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How many times have I asked you why hasn’t Texas won with a top 5 recruiting class every year. ? You usually come back with some dumb chit

Good question. We’re losing out in portal battles to Tech, Syracuse, Washington State, Mississippi State, and K State. It’s not looking very promising at the moment.

That’s fine with Texas. I’m just telling you grouping in OU on that is retarded.

Probably because they didn’t have the right coach. Looks like they’ve found him to me :man_shrugging:.

Retarded is saying i grouped ou in. But, i didnt. They have recurited too good to not make the last 4 title games. We on the other have made 2.


And for everyone who is upset about lack of stars in this class, I refer you to one of many historical classes full of diamonds on the rough. Oklahoma State 2016 Football Commits (

2016 Had no 4 stars. Not saying this team will pan out like 2016 but it certainly makes me feel good about the kids we are bringing in.


I think the majority of these kids have lots of upside. Nardo went and got most of these kids early, maybe them committing to us was the lack of 4 stars. Lando for sure


This is a sneaky good class. Stars don’t mean a whole lot out of high school. What you don’t see figured into star ratings is size. We got some big boys this year. Sorry but I’ll take a 6’6 three star to your 5’11 five star lol. You don’t coach size. OSU is lucky this class is flying so far under the radar. Lazy sports writers don’t look at anything but meaningless stars like it’s some video game. Sports illustrated says this class is 12th in the big 12. Hilarious! Again I’ll take the big boys nobody wants and train them to toss your little five star divas around the field. Good job Gundy and co!


Yes you did.

I’m gonna pull out a statement from the ole Robert playbook here:

The 2021 team wouldn’t have been that good if it weren’t for getting an extra year for COVID.

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What i dnt understand you hold everyone to some superior bar. Who cares if i put ou and texas together neither did good. It you im calling out.your the one that talks about 4 and 5 stars
You need to justify your values. Ou hasnt been since 2019. Texas since 2010. All i hear is gundy suck we are left behind. By who. Gundy has more season then any of your teams as a team fight for a title. Sonny showed you. His replacement did in 2 years what he coyldnt do in 6.
Come on justify texas and ou. Tell us we wont run the big 12.

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There’s nothing superior about pointing out lies. It should just be a basic human moral.

Because it’s a false statement. Misinformation needs to be pointed out.

Where? Did you not read my most recent comment about our 2024 recruiting class?

What indication has been given to you that we will? What makes you think we will be? Is it perhaps the 9th best recruiting class in the conference? Or the current 47th we rank in the transfer portal?

Ive never lied
You got your hero calling you out for lying. Problem with you, you think if we say something you dnt like were lying.
You try to use stats to prove something. I see you didnt comment on my post about stats.
We have been in tge title game 2 times out of 3. Been 2nd or higher like 7 times since 2010. With no bb we are going to get worse? Thats your logic. 1 reason are numbers is bad is a small class .

I can put ou in with a bad texas, even tho i didnt ar the time. Ou and texas by your logic should be 1 and 2 every year.

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