NC State Gets Wrists Slapped, Hindsight Says Pokes Should’ve Gone through the IARP

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Is OSU going to end up with the most severe punishment of all schools caught in the FBI’s sting?

Hide and watch: NCAA will wait for us to get to a 10-12 record (or something like that) and rescind the NCAA tournament ban for this year.


Osu is cursed

Yes you have an evil mind just like the NCAA LOL


And the NCAA becomes even more of a joke.


The NCAA only shows strength when it applies to OSU otherwise it’s a weak stick organization. I do hope the P5 teams pull from the NCAA and let them flounder.

Sounds pretty on par for the NCAA to me. Total clown show.

Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t our assistant coach Lamont Evans get busted for making additional 20K. He may have not have made that cash while employed by OSU? I’m not sure how OSU would bare any responsibility of what he did at another institution. Nobody gets a 1 yr ban and loss of 3 scholarships over $300.00 dollars.


Lamont received between $18,500-22,000 in 2016 his one yr at OSU in bribes before he was fired and he plead guilty in 2019.

If they do it’s so the light penalties on Kansas and Arizona won’t be so glaring. NCAA is a sham I’m just wondering how long does it take them to get over Oliver suing and winning against them
We had thdd we lightest infractions of all of them

I’m not sure why your post got flagged so can someone tell me? Not sure who has the right to flag someone’s comments. Can someone on the form or someone from PF? All I got to say for whoever flagged it are the same people tearing this country apart from the inside out. Pathetic.


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Can’t oSu sue the NCAA infraction committee over this gross judgment, in light of the IARP’s judgment against NC State? Sounds like they would have a case.


You would think so, but I think it would make it much harder on us in the future if we had the slightest infractions. The NCAA will lose power once realignment happens. There has to be a revamping of the NIL….it’s already outa hand

Merry Christmas everyone! :slight_smile:


Thanks! Merry Christmas To All! I think the NCAA will vote on a new constitutional measure next month that won’t penalize student athletes that were not in the program when violations occurred. Yes the Cowboys got it stuck to them and the latter ones will be vindicated under new constitutional guidelines.


I don’t think the NCAA is competent enough to do such a thing to be honest.


There needs to be a constitutional meeting for sure but not with the NCAA. The meeting needs to be with all the D1 schools setting up a new governing body

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