NCAA Council Relaxing Restrictions on Conference Title Game Participants

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Here’s what it means for the Big 12 (and OSU).

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Of course this was going to happen. The SEC is going to 16 teams so divisions don’t work for them anymore.

It’s hard to believe they would do something that is right. But with the SEC super conference they had to do something to appease them

Could be DOOFY. Strength of schedule??? You could be second in winning percentage but have a much easier schedule than the 3rd place team…


Agree that they are doing this for the sec but it is a good move overall.

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It’s a good move overall I agree. It’s a doing the right thing for the wrong reason situation.

I don’t like this. Let the Division winners play for it. When the big12 was the original big12 I wish osu was in the north and not in the south division. I think we’d would have faired well even keeping bedlam with it. If that’s the case then no divisions at all.

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not much to do with conference championship but every conference championship should be played out by the conference winners to determine a true national college champion. a play off of champions to determine the true champion. let’s let the division winners of conferences play it out then vote in the constellation prizes to the runner ups ESPN and the media think should be in