NCAA Division I Council Votes to Endorse Radical Change to Transfer Landscape

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This could spur a ton of player movement.

So take some that they have made bad, and make it even worse…freaking NCAA

I love the NCAA. I hope they burn this entire mother down!!!

Oh don’t worry. They are working on it.

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This is the opposite of what needed to happen. They need to go back to the old transfer rules. Now it will be the wild west with no loyalties at all. What’s wrong with the old system of graduate transfers being immediate and everyone else having to sit a year if they transferred? I’ll tell you. Nothing.

At least before today you knew that if a kid transferred in that he wasn’t going anywhere after that. The NCAA is more tone deaf than politicians in Washington.

When did Biden start writing policies for the NCAA?


Sounds like we have some potential to get someone in fast so we can put Sanders on the bench where he needs to be.

You are an idiot!

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I was just getting ready to say the same thing, “NCAA is the Biden of amateur athletics.”


Only Republicans have the lower IQs to implement this kind of policy.

It can be joe unless the stupid son of gun confused transfer for trans women. Oh no well there is 100 % chance he did that. Guy cant even find a door to tbe white house with a guide.

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I think I love you.

These guys are smoking some of that stuff Hunter is on .

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The state of California has a ban on travel to 21 states because the of trans bathroom.

Thats high iq at work. Ucla will have to have donors pay for road trips to 3 states in tbe big 10. And the million’s of tranny athletes will have to use out houses.

That situation fits perfectly, since all of college sports is going down the toilet!
Pay for Play. Bring back pay toilets.

Im glad you can justifiy the demos ending title 9

Any organization that is promoting a man for the title of women athlete of the year has completely lost their minds and the ability to govern and should be dissolved immediately.


I want to know how penn gets to count that towards title 9.

I guess women are to worried about abortion to worry about bathroom and sports

Robert, unfortunately there is no way to make sense of any of this. if I was a women D1 athlete I would be going medieval on all these idiots in the NCAA and other governing bodies. Even if it meant the end of my career. One has to wonder why more women aren’t speaking up.

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Because they produce more billionaires per school

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