NCAA Investigations

Can anyone confirm if Penny Hardaway is going to play Wiseman anyway? Did they get a lawsuit to delay his ineligibility (by delaying the ruling for the court case?)

What does that mean for the other teams with recruiting violations?

Listening to the local sports radio, Gary Parrish said he’ll continue to play, and his lawyers are going to fight the NCAA.

I’m #TeamPenny

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I totally want to see what they do, and how they argue this. And sure enough, Wiseman’s lawyers are going to force the NCAA to define what a “booster” is. Old man Lee Cothran should enjoy that one… :shushing_face:

I’m considered a booster just by getting season tickets which is a really terrible way to define a booster by the NCAA.

By definition a booster is “keen” which I’m not. That’s for folks like Pickens and Sherman Smith. Maybe one day I’ll get there, but my nosebleed season tickets in no way means I’m a well-developer supporter of OSU.