NCAA Not Doing its Job When it Comes to Oklahoma State's Postseason Ban

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The NCAA is punishing Isaac Likekele, Cade Cunningham and Ferron Flavors.

If it’s true that Boynton is the only player or coach still at OSU from when Evans was there, does it seem very odd the punishment being brought against OSU? Does the punishment come anywhere near fitting the crime? If Zion’s parents were paid by Duke what should Duke’s punishment look like? 3 year postseason ban? The damage might already be done to OSU basketball, but Holder needs to fight like hell for the guy he took a flyer on. He doesn’t deserve this.

This could end up changing the land scape or the begging of some sort of real change in college athletics by the time this is all said and done. Osu seems good at making real changes although to the detriment of the program. With the G Leauge becoming a trend for kids to give the middle finger to , this is not a good time to do this to kids that have nothing to do with the wrong doing of one assistant coach. Good luck with this NCAA.