NCAA Selection Committee Chair Chris Reynolds Explains OSU's Exclusion, Talking Heads Chime In

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“They had opportunities in the nonconference schedule…”

The Cowboy way is not one of whining… We failed to take care of business. We often failed to block out. We often failed to limit turnovers. Thus, we failed to get necessary wins to keep our NCAA fate from being in question. The sanctions from last year were unfair, but no whining. Being left out of the NCAA field this year is no one’s fault but ours!! …and still, no whining!

Does anyone else glean that the CowGIRLS play with more discipline than the CowBOYS?? The 'Girls overachieve while the 'Boys underachieve??? or maybe it is just that the coach is more attractive, or just better at her job!! :orange_heart:

GO POKES!! GO POKETTES!! :cowboy_hat_face: :basketball: :cowboy_hat_face: :basketball: :cowboy_hat_face: :softball: :cowboy_hat_face:


One reason we are out is losing Avery. Plus, all the reasons Robert accurately listed. Different team minus A.A. Also, games played without Mousa. I don’t disagree getting the boot. Inconsistent play all season.

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I have no problem with the Cowboys getting excluded from the tournament. Too much inconsistency and unacceptable non-conference losses doomed them. However, I do take exception to a couple of things. Saying that OSU had only 6 wins out of 18 Quad 1 games is silly. How many wins did the other bubble teams that made it have? That’s punishing OSU for playing in the toughest conference. Second, West Virginia, who finished lower in the conference than OSU, made it in. WV did not have a deeper run in the Big 12 tournament than OSU, had no more quad 1 wins, etc. Make that make sense. Nevertheless, it’s all for naught. I love Coach Boynton. He’s a good guy and great ambassador for OSU, but next year the Cowboys need to win more consistently and win a couple games in the tournament or he needs to go.

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I agree completely. Add to that that West Virginia has a nine seed with one more win than OSU makes no sense.

WV has Huggy Bear. The active winningest coach right now. Committee loves him.