Nebraska Coach Says Huskers Are Prepared to Look at Non-Big Ten Options

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Could the Cornhuskers return to the Big 12 for a year?

“The Cornhuskers’ two Big 12 championships are as many as current Big 12 members Oklahoma State, TCU, Iowa State, Kansas, Texas Tech and West Virginia have won combined.”

The counter to that is that each of those teams also have as many Big 10 championships as Nebraska.

Why just borrow them for a year? Why not get Nebraska and Iowa to just join the conference permanently.

They’d be walking away from a lot of money both in the difference in conference payouts and in attorney’s fees.

Perfect chance to bring them back to the Big 12…I doubt Bowlsby and Co see the opportunity. They are dead in the water, dead set to stay at 10. Dump UT, get Nebraska back, then go get Arkansas and bring back A&M to get it back to 12…

Neither team would leave the Big 10 permanently, so there is no reason to help them out now unless the television rights holder would offer more money to the Big 12 for having them which I doubt would happen.