New Coach, QB, and deeper issues

I am seeing a lot of rumors on Twitter that we may be getting Arroyo as an OC and that it will be announced in January. It all sparked from a tweet from Greg Swaim, so I trust that about as much as I trust a fart, but seems to be holding some water. Also wondering the likelihood that we land the UVA qb here at OSU? Also why this year are we losing a lot of veteran guys who are going into the portal versus others? Are they looking for a NIL check or is there a culture issue with people being critical after a 7-5 year?

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I know us picking up one of arroyo’s explayers really got people talking. I dnt see dunn leaving.

There is not multiple players leaving in one unit. So i doubt its a coach or culture. We have brothers leaving while one played for ever and another is still on the team.

You take cobb, why not oliver or Daniels. Not enough for him. Same with sanders. But the have him as a 3 star. I think he is finding it rough going. Mohammed is nil.

We have had a few leave in the line. We have a core of guys that have alot of time left with red shirt and covid. Its about playing time. None went to better programs but went to place they could start.

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A lot of guys want to say things that cant be. You cant have losing records with at least 7 wins. You cant recruit bad and not develop players when youve won 70% of you games.
You can br mediocre if you have the same winning % as bb texas.

So yea i would put to much stock into osu fans and rumors.


Digging a little deeper, I’d like to know if having Rattay is actually worth it.

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No one but uo has more top 25 wins in the B12 in the last 10 years. Go put your 2 mill in the portal jug then you can biotch

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I’d wonder more about mcendoo

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Yes its been a while since we have had a half back or a tight end that can block and catch