New coaches

We have two teams that will have new coaches next year. Tcu looks to be expanding there search.
Tech has their’s Joey McGuire.
Joey took Baylor’s top recruiter with him. He could be the next art briles.
Any body have any feelings. Can he get kids to Lubbock. Take tech higher then even leach did.
We know the metro plex has players. Gary recruited 3rd in the big 12. They have even talk to Matt Campbell.
How will this effect Baylor losing two of their coaches.

There is zero shot Matt Campbell talked to TCU. None.

He is losing a large class of seniors. More pay. Better recruits.
It would set him up for the bigger job he wants like Michigan.
Out of the new big 12 tcu is the best job.

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I still think Sonny Dykes is going to end up at TCU.

With the names being throw around I would prefer dykes.

There isn’t a big enough difference to even consider it for him. Campbell can land most jobs he’s not interested in TCU. He’s a god in Ames and can do whatever he wants. I’m 99% sure he would only leave for Michigan, Ohio State, ND, and maybe PSU.

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Oh I agree with most of this. Isu is not even close to tcu a football program.
If he goes to tcu and make them better for a couple of years will definitely get him the Michigan job.

They would have got rid of Harbaugh this year if they hadn’t won a bunch. Still lost to Michigan St. He still has to play Penn St , Ohio St I think. He loses those two Michigan maybe open next year. Campbell loses a chit load this year. I St love affair with him won’t last long if he starts going 500

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