New field design

Just curious to see what y’all think the new field design will be, or if y’all have any designs you would want to see on the field.

Is there a major change coming. I thought they were just replace some seats and minor structural things.

Orange. Turf. America’s brightest.

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They posted on instagram the field would look different this season.

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What about a black field. With orange 80’s osu center.
Big 12 and piston Pete logos. Orange end zone with black cursive cowboy in black.

Someone would probably die on a black field during a midday game.

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Thats true. That’s why you get payed the big bucks

Saw a bunch of good ideas on Twitter. Here’s mine: black cursive Cowboys in the end zone. And at the 50, either the Marshall badge or the Phantom Pete.

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Thank you for that! That’s what I saw, Geo!

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But the end zone should be flipped colors.

My idea is black endzones, with orange cursive cowboys and the marshalls badge at the 50.

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