New Football Commit

So last night on Twitter, I kept seeing that OSU had received a verbal commitment. Saw the traditional Gundy tweet (the locker room dance gif) & saw many other people tweeting about a commit. Marshall Levenson even tweeted about how excited we should be over this guy. Anyways- I can’t figure out who committed. Anyone know who it is? Where he is from? Any info?

Some people think he might be Deshun Miller. He’s an bro from Alabama who’s committed to UCLA. Tho I think that’s just a guess at this point.

Turns out that it was bubba who chose OSU over playing football on Sundays in my backyard.

You’re dumb…

If anyone cares it was a LB from Pleasant Grove, Texas named Nick Martin

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I’ll have you know, I wasn’t the only offer bubba had. He also had a offer from a guy in Kansas to watch football and drink beer.

BTW that’s Kansas, Oklahoma not the state of Kansas.

You are great proof that failure is not necessarily an indicator for a lack of effort


It’s called humor, you don’t have to like it but you should learn to recognize it

I recognized it. Just saying you’re trying to hard to make it work

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I been checking these old post. Its funny not many people like u.