New York Trip

Anybody else pumped about the Syracuse and Ole Miss/Penn State games? Trying to write in some remote corner of my in-laws’ house with everybody else hollering about OSU’s offensive sets is the real tradition unlike any other.

KenPom rankings…

OSU: 47
Cuse: 35
Ole Miss: 53
Penn State: 30 (?!)


Here’s my thinking: if we can win two of three, we’re set up for a really solid season. If we can win one of three, there’s still some hope. If we strike out against all three teams, there’s reason to be a bit concerned.


Super pumped. Little concerned about Syracuse’s zone. Hopefully our shooters can heat up a little bit.


Was doing a little #scouting of my own…

Decent video of two teams against the 2-3. Getting penetration/crashing the boards is key.

I think it is just 2 games. I think a split would be a successful trip. Win 2 and you could really be in business. The only other non-con game you wouldn’t be favored in would be @ Houston

i feel like we match up very well against Syracuse. They’ll dare us to shoot the three, and we will happily oblige. Just need the round orange ball to go through the round orange hoop!


So looking forward to these games! Man, this team - and the future - have me wound up about oSu Hoops!


Is anybody here going to be at the games? I was considering going to the Friday night game

Super pumped.

I have 2 tix to both games. Great seats. Paid $430 total for my son and me but due to weather our flights were canceled. Will sell all to a Cowboy fan for $200.

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Well my wife got called into work so I would be going alone if i went at all. On the fence but I appreciate that offer! I’ll let you know if something changes

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Marcus Watson just checked in?


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