NFL Update: James Washington Goes Deep, Tre Flowers Gets Huge INT

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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly from Pokes in the Pros.

Really think the Knock-Out hit in the BAL game affected Mason more than it seemed. He’s looked very timid in the pocket ever since. Hope he can figure it out… seems to be mental more than anything at this point.


It would be so great to see Mason shake it off and come out and light up BM and the Browns!!!

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I would like to see that too but I’m not hopeful. Mason has just looked bad for the past few games.

Yeah, well…so much for that. Tomlin named Hedges or Hodges or whoever he is the starter. Bummer…

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yeah…i don’t even know how to view this game now. i was so exited about it, i’ve become such a big steelers fan this season … and now … well, mason gets benched. just kinda deflated my balloon. i got nothing against duck hodges, i think he’s got a cools story as well … but man. i wish they could have at least stuck with mason a little bit longer. he could have made that same throw to washington. it wasn’t like it was a brilliant throw. his interception in the redzone was deflected. granted, the 4 interception game against the browns was terrible, i know. but look at carson wentz last week, look at jarred goff. it happens. quarterbacks have bad games. (sanders v tech)
i know this is an important game now that the steelers on are on the playoff hunt. but didn’t rudolph at least contribute a little to that? when he took over for rothlesberger, the steelers were 0-2 and everyone was writing them off. and since then everyone has continued to write them off, but they only lost to the 49ers and the ravens, two of the best teams in football, and they were relatively close games. up until the browns game. and i had been so excited all week waiting for that big thursday night showdown, i was jacked up for it like it was a bedlam game (and it was!). and i was crushed watching it, just like i would have been if we had hammered by the sooners. and by the time he threw that 4th int, i just couldnt’ sit here and watch it any more, i went outside to water my grass. the i come back in some 30 minutes later and looks what’s all over the news. unbelievable.
but he’s young, he’s gonna make a few mistakes. i think he’s entitled to one (really) bad game before you throw in the towel.
the only good thing to come from the browns game was the fact that there was a rematch two weeks later, a chance for redemption. and now that’s seemingly gone…