NFL Update: Washington's Final Game in Pittsburgh? Ogbah Wants to Stay in Miami

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Plus, Chuba scores and AJ Green takes it back.

James Washington has potential, but in his time with the Steelers he has struggled. A change in scenery may help.

I hope to see James Washington in a different uniform next season. Since he did not have many targets with the Steelers, I’m not sure how other teams would evaluate him. I also don’t see Rudolph having success as a starter for the Steelers next season. They might give him one last shot at it. How about Chuba steaking past those other guys like he was the Flash?
Would Washington have more success in the Canadian Football Leauge?

Living in Pittsburgh for the last 14 years, the biggest problem for James is that he’s too quiet. He doesn’t demand the ball, he isn’t crazy on social media like Claypool or Juju. Ben just doesn’t look for him. His numbers were decent the year Ben was hurt because Mason and Duck threw the ball his way and he didn’t have the drops that Diontae did back then.

Three things to get off my chest:

  1. Chuba Hubbard will forever be on my blacklist after what he did to Coach Gundy, with his BLM BS!
  2. Good riddance to Ben Rothenburger who is long past his ability to play and sooooo long in the tooth, yet he disses and ignores a former Biletnikoff wide receiver, evidently because he is not a boozer and womanizer like Big Ben.
  3. I don’t blame Washington if he leaves for greener pastures, but I was so looking forward to him being reunited with Rudolf next season.

How has Washington “struggled” if he never gets regular targets from fat Rothlisberger?

Like I already said, he isn’t a boozer or rapist.

Washington came next. He was on very few radars. His hometown of Stamford, Texas, is a small town with less than 3,000 people. Washington only held four Division I offers, however offensive coordinator Kasey Dunn discovered the young receiver, and the two formed an unbreakable bond.

Washington came to OSU as a three-star receiver, and just like those before him, sharpened his craft.

“I maximized every source and opportunity I had,” Washington said. “I met with Dunn on my lunch break or on his lunch break. Staying after practice to watch film with him. It did not even have to be with a coach. We would come together and just break down corners and learn the game amongst each other.”

Washington and Dunn’s relationship continued, and improved in their time together in Stillwater. Washington recalls times of the two fishing together in Dunn’s boat, taking trips to Idaho, and spending time at Dunn’s house talking about football and hunting.

Washington describes their connection “like a father and son relationship,” and said it has continued to this day.

Washington showed glimpses during his freshman year, where he caught six touchdowns. From his sophomore to junior year, Washington would have the second most receiving yards in Big 12 history, with 4,472, and 39 touchdowns. Washington won the 2017 Biletnikoff Award, the third in school history. With three, OSU became the school with the most Biletnikoff trophies.

Washington’s crowning achievement of his career was winning the Biletnikoff. Washington was excited he was able to win the trophy for Oklahoma State, but he was also able to fulfill his promise to his brother.

“It meant a lot,” Washington said. “I had a brother, he was really my cousin but I called him my brother. I told him ‘I am going to win this award and I want you to see me.’ A week before I won, he passed. It meant a lot to me because of that.”

Washington looked for outside help during his time to help him succeed, in the form of Bryant.

“I talked to (Dez) on Instagram,” Washington said. “Just about the mental side. It is a hard league to play in, especially for young guys. He helped me stay focused.”

In 2017, a young four-star receiver from Fort Worth, Texas, came to Stillwater. As a senior, Washington paid it forward, and helped the young player.

“It was a lot of fun,” Washington said. “They showed flashes, and there were times I saw me and my life and my journey in football. It makes you happy to help those guys, and give them tips and advice in life.”

The young receiver was Wallace. Wallace, and his twin-brother, Tracin, both committed to OSU, and were well-aware of the previous receivers.

You obviously haven’t watched enough Steeler games. The biggest issue is his inability to get open and drops. Those issues hurt his chances of getting on the field. As far as Rudolph he’s just note a NFL caliber starter. He may get a chance to carry a clip board for a few more years.

Brian, I watched every Steelers game where he played. Many he never saw the field. It was Rothlisberger who hated him. How many drops did he have in college? Did he struggle to get open? Your NFL evaluation of Rudolph is comical and sophomoric.

The NFL is very different than college. Even though Washington was an excellent receiver in college doesn’t mean squat in the NFL. Please help me understand why you think Rudolph is a good option at the pro level. He has been given double digit starts in the league. Hell he was benched for Duck Hodges an undrafted FA. I wish he was better but he’s not. Let’s hope that both Rudolph and Washington find another home and maybe they prove me wrong.