Norman Receiver Prospect Jaden Bray Commits to Oklahoma State

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A sneaky good grab by OSU here.

he has good size so there is some potential there. idk tho, west virginia just got a 4 star WR and now they have 3 4 stars for the class. Nobody wants to live in west virginia yet they continue to recruit circles around us. I was hoping to get Stephens who supposedly runs a 4.4 and the green twins, but now it seems like we will just take what we can get. Just to be clear it isn’t a bad pick up, the kid has potential and i’m glad that he wants to be here. I’m just tired of us being mid 3 star U when our programs caliber is deserving of at least 6-8 4 stars a year. Recruits recognize that culture, oh blue chips never go there so why should i? Every now and then we land a very good blue chip player like a tylan wallace or sanders, illingworth etc, but we are not doing it often enough to ever be a threat to make the playoffs. We shouldn’t be aiming to win the big 12, we should be aiming for the playoffs, the big 12 championship is a secondary goal.

Under-rated grab here… IMO

Very limited football experience. Was a basketball kid that the football coaches recruited to come out. Should be interesting to see how he continues to develop (route running, etc.). We’ll see how he does his senior season when all of the attention is on him. Played with a another D1 WR last year who graduated.

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Have the Green twins committed somewhere else ? I haven’t seen it if they did

This kid will need to play basketball for us too since we won’t have any basketball scholarships. Gundy needs to recruit for the football and basketball program.

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pretty sure we’re not out on the green twins or stephens.

all signs point to Blaine and Bryson coming to OSU

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i didn’t say we were out on them, i just think it is unlikely that we take 4 WRs.

How so? I just don’t think we will take 4 WRs in one class. That’s what i am speculating. Otherwise i’m not sure what you are getting at.

I think Makale Smith is being recruited as a defensive back

I agree. Very underrated commitment.