Not Michael Ray's fault today

Typically have no sympathy for Mr. Gundy, but it seems he will never truly escape the QB maze nightmare he’s lived in for the past decade. One would almost hope for Dru Brown to have a sub-par performance today and Chuba/the Knowles Squad to score all of the Cowpoke points. But knowing the universe’s stance on Gundy, Dru Brown will come out and absolutely torch WVU and then flash some heroics in bedlam, leaving Cowboy fans to wonder why his number wasn’t called on the first snap in Corvallis back in August. The only person who can save him from this catch-22 is Chuba Hubbard…

Gundy might just be a lucky man.

Sanders is our QB next year so even if he does look amazing the next couple games I won’t be mad, he needed the experience. Here’s to hoping Dru balls out and we have a shot at the B12.

Totally agree. Gundy absolutely made the right choice. It’s just his luck that Dru Brown could plant even the smallest seed of doubt in fans’ minds with these last few games.