Notebook: Bedlam Hangover, the Inexplicable and Throwing in the Rain

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Three storylines from OSU’s postgame interviews.

Failure to plan is a plan for failure. And that’s honestly how it seemed yesterday. Like they thought they could go in and do their stuff and win the game without preparing for their opponent. The Cowboys had no idea what to do to stop UCF’s offense. They weren’t prepared for a defense that was all about stopping Ollie. They weren’t prepared for rain - which anyone who’s ever been to Florida will tell you, pop-up showers like that are a daily occurrence.

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Yet another poor poor Bowman “game of circumstances” apology article. Too bad his 6 years of NFL-style offensive practice didn’t seem to help at all in Orlando.

Probably doesn’t rain much in Michigan

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From what I saw on Saturday that was far more than a popup shower

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Watching OState Daily’s breakdown. Time and again Rusty Bowdaddy handed off to Ollie with 8 defenders within 2 yards of LOS for, drum roll please, no gain.

Play calling sucked. Never motioned the TE’s out wide, to create spacing in the box - or open receivers. VERY predictable and easy to scheme.


Wouldn’t know if what they did was good or bad or if there were valid reasons for doing so or not. I’m not a coach and don’t know the first thing about calling plays. Pretty much like everyone here. Also didn’t watch much of the game so there is that too lol.

Offense was abysmal, but the defense was even worse. The defense has been pretty mediocre all year.

I would tend to agree on this one. Went back and watched the ostate daily analysis on YT is it seems the D has regressed on tackling, lots of missed tackles in that game.

You’ve not been to Florida then, obviously. That looked very typical to me. When I’ve been to Orlando & Disney World - right next door to UCF - that happened every afternoon while we were there. Usually lasted 30-45 minutes, was quite intense, and then it would clear out and be fine the rest of the day.

Nope been to Florida a bunch. The popups can vary wildly from 10-15 minute light rain to very heavy monsoons lasting an hour or so.

Does appear this team, both sides, is susceptible to emotions/momentum. If we can keep the youngun’s long enough to turn them into veterans, might have a chance to replicate the 2021 season.

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