Notebook: Bouncing Back from Losing in the Bounce House, Cowboys Facing Stephon Johnson Jr

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‘It wasn’t acceptable. We have to own up to that.’

At this point, Gundy just needs to have a voice recording for each presser saying that we got out coached.

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Yeah, because we’ve just been awful the last few games…
Please…come up with a new whine!


Why are you here ? You are like joy
You’re mental… seek help
You trash everything OSU

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Fukc off. Gundy is a piece of schitt.

Very easy to out coach OsU. To beat our Cowboys the other team needs defensive players who are stronger and faster than the guys on our offensive line. That stops the run, flushes Bowman out of the pocket and he can’t throw accurately when he’s moving his feet. He also can’t throw a long ball accurately. That’s all it should take and every opposing coach has seen this by now. We’ll be good when we have another NFL prospect for QB. We have the rest of the pieces, minus a good O-line.
The QB recruit who committed the other day showed that he can throw accurately while scrambling, and he can throw deep.
So better times ahead. I don’t know what Zane Flores can do.

Lol !! That was classy, I love keyboard warriors but there will come a time when you won’t be so comfortable behind a keyboard insulting someone and no repercussions….
You really should see a shrink , you add nothing here. You’re an annoyance

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Just having DL that are stronger and faster ? Well most are faster but stronger, no. It’s gaps and blocking schemes they use
Flores is the same type QB :grin:

Enough with the OSU o-line is no good talk. It’s simply not true and hasn’t been for quite some time. The line averages less than 1 sack a game allowed. It only allowed 1 against UCF. If you want to be critical of something, be critical of playcalling. When other teams stack the box, you’re outnumbered and no matter how good your line is, someone is going unblocked. It’s the OC’s job to exploit this and he largely fails at doing so.


Lots of truth to this. We saw Ollie ran into 8 man boxes, yet there were no open receivers. Strange stuff…

Edit - Check out OState Daily on YT. Professional quality tape reviews. Question I can’t understand is what not split out wide a couple of the three TE’s to give Ollie a chance at some running room and/or an additional open receiver.

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A DL wi see the scheme you are going to use on a running play and adjust to it like they did Saturday. I’m with you put a TE or a spilt and have Ollie back up another half yard and take it outside or flip a pass to the wideout

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Most would agree about poor play calling. Does Gundy have sense enough to call recently canned MY and bribe him to return?
Why did he leave Ohio State after just one season?

Yurchich had better qbs and receivers plus decent OL …. We just outscores everyone and if we didn’t it was an L … run and gun the years he was here. Gundy started putting more scholarships on the D , I think we need to even it out again

Are you positive we know how good our current QBs and WRs are? Ollie was a bit of a surprise. May have a few more exceptional players hidden in the woodpile.

I know Sheftron (sp) was a highly recruited kid that switched to us when we offered the brother too. He’s can’t seem to stay healthy. Owens could have left , proud he stayed. He’s improved his stock a bunch. Bray can’t stay healthy, had some drops too We have receivers, running back is taken care of with the kid from OKC coming
Robert says 4 good OL coming. We have one this year I like Endean., think they are trying to save him