Notebook: Bowman Talks Gordon, Johnson's Burned Redshirt 'Worth It,' Gordon Talks Texas

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‘He’s the best running back that I’ve been around, and it’s not even close.’

Ollie is the real deal. We are so lucky. Blessed. Win or lose Saturday, this has been a fun fun year. An absolute roller coaster.

The BYU game was in essence, our entire season jam packed into 1 game. As if we rode through all the ups-and-downs of the season’s roller coaster during 4 quarters + 2 OTs.

At half, all hope was lost… yet Ollie, Bowman, the Defense, our WRs, our Coaches- Everyone kept fighting and somehow pulled it off.
A great example of why you should NEVER give up!

I’ll never forget it.

Go Pokes!


Says it all for me too!

But…please bring Fourth Quarter Pokes to the Championship Game. We can beat Texas.


I can’t believe nobody is talking about his Zac Robinson comments. I’ve never heard a player openly campaign for a coach to join their staff in a postgame interview. Is this in the works or is Bowman just saying things?


I sure hope Ollie wins some awards.

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ZR is not heading to Stillwater.
He has a gig in the NFL and if he climbs the ladder there as a coach and then is successful, it’s not too crazy to think that someday when Gundy rides off into the sunset, ZR might be a candidate for the job, especially considering how ADs like to over pay coaches here.
Gundy too loyal to demote Dunn, otherwise, he just might try to lasso Yurcich and take this program to a higher level. Screw the run, it’s a passing game these days. Defensive players are getting bigger and bigger.