Notebook: Drops and Wilson's Message to the Team

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‘There’s still a lot of season left to be played.’

Stop talking. Start performing.


I would have fired Charlie Dickey first thing Sunday morning. YEARS now, they can’t block. It’s no longer acceptable.


I remember Leach firing his D coordinator after Pettigrew and crew beat them here on year so it does happen

I don’t disagree that Dickey needs to go but who would take his place mid season? Pretty sure no one would leave their team mid season to come to Stillwater.

Why do we need a coach this year? Nobody is blocking anyways. Although it might be time to start calling plays that best fit our players. I’m not sure Dickey is at fault for Ollie getting 3 rushing attempts.


Assistants come and assistants go but nothing changes. It’s never going to matter who is brought in they will run and do what the guy in charge tells them to do. Only one common denominator and that common denominator needs to be terminated for change. Fire his asssss.


Jeff is right. Since Gundy can’t be fired because this university continues to do stupid contracts that apply no pressure to improve, the administration needs to grow a pair and tell Gundy what he has to do,like hire a proven OC and let them reinvent the offense. Next improve recruiting every year till he can maintain a top 25.


You could probably find a middle school coach to do it pretty easily. Not like it can get worse.


Charlie Johnson. He’s right here in Stillwater and is awesome. Drop the biggest bag you can find. Whatever it takes.


Is Charlie coaching at Stillwater ? He was a good player for us. Was a TE then switched to tackle I think , but he has a Super Bowl ring and played several years in the league

He’s coaching the high school OL. Was my son’s head coach last year in 6th grade. He’s the real deal. (But I’m biased cause he was so good to my son and his team, so there’s that!) :joy:


As much as I like Wilson’s enthusiasm, the point still remains they didn’t just barely lose or barely get by. They go beat by nearly 30 on their own home field by a Sunbelt team with limited injuries. When they played against those three teams in the Non-Conference schedule a lot of injuries towards the beginning. The ‘21 team and this year’s team aren’t even close. Also, we had a top 10 defense in ‘21.

The OL has largely been trash over the last ten years except for maybe two or three seasons sprinkled in there. I don’t have any idea what Gundy sees in Dickey, but it’s obvious that it’s not working out. I’d rather just hire a HS coach (like Charlie Johnson) to coach the OL. Both Jeff and AR have it right. Until this administration forces Gundy’s hand and says “We don’t pay 7.5 mil for 6-6 seasons” he’s going to do exactly what he wants.

It was like I said the other day. A lot of the stuff we’re using is junior high concept offense. No motion, shifting, or adjustments offensively. The defense knows where to be and how to stop it. That’s NOT ME saying this. This is a former D2 DC saying this about our offense. In case you just want to know how and it is. Look at the picture below: