Notebook: Evaluating QB Performances, Injuries from OSU's Spring Game

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It sounds like Ollie Gordon is going to be OK.

Team needs some bubble wrap around them at all times from now until September.


Right lol :joy:. I was going to go the spring game until I found out no orange vs white this year. Took a whole Saturday off. So I spent it with my kids instead. Someone will probably come on here and insist Sanders needs to be benched and start a freshman because of the number stats. To those I say relax it wasn’t a full scrimmage and the other 2 QBs were probably going up against the back ups. I hope the line is much improved when healed.


The injury bug is at it again. We need to find some king of anti-injury voodoo ceremony.


“Despite the thinness of the group Saturday, Gundy insists it won’t be that way in the fall as guys come in and others return from rehabbing injuries.”

Yeah…we’ll see about that. Wonder what the barrage of excuses will be in the 2022 season?

I dnt know which coach will you be giving excuses for.

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We know which one you’ll be giving the excuses for lol.

If I would start giving excuses it would be exceptable to give the to osu since I’m a fan. You feel it OK to give excuses to everyone that’s not osu

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What? Lmao you serious? Gundy could go 5-7 next season and you’ll find someone else to blame.

Using that big word if again. Dnt worry were not going 5 and 7. But if we did I would blame you


I feel your pain. I think with the depth this coming season it should give us a bit more optimism and security. Would had been great to see more than a handful of linemen available today for a full game just to gauge where we are with some visual progress. Also it would been super nice to see what Identity we are going to have on offense. I don’t want to see pro style again for next season with no proven running back that can’t play like Warren.

And right away before fall practice. I think last year our o’line took a hit with injuries before the season started. But with more depth this year hopefully we’ll be alright.

I[quote=“robert28, post:10, topic:15429”]
Using that big word if again

I didn’t use the word if. Try to learn how to read.

I’d like to see more QB design runs just to keep the defense honest. Spencer Sanders will also need to clean up his fumble issues. I just can’t trust the OL to protect him in the pocket until I see it for myself. that’s not the way he thrives (as proven in the ND game). Until proven otherwise we can’t rely on this OL to protect the pocket.

In your magical world If and could are the same word.
So that 1 sack the o line gave up in the Fiesta bowl proves to you line us bad.
Joy your problem is you dnt know how to judge things. Get your goggles fixed. You see everything nearsighted.
I am surprised you have cried about the line more.

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Can someone ask Holliday what he was thinking trying to steal third and killing a rally?

Then ask why, down two runs with runners on 1st and 2nd and no outs, we didn’t sacrifice and move both into scoring positions (instead of grounding into double play).


Yes I hated that steal attempt. Running yourself out a inning.
The other day we butchered 2 bunt plays in one inning. That mite a been a factor.

Let’s get this one


Past HS, Stealing 3rd isn’t typically a called play by the dugout. That’s usually a decision made by the runner himself. I don’t specifically know the situation in which you’re referring to, but how many outs were there? I can GUARANTEE that if there were 0 or 2 outs, it didn’t come from the dugout.

The sac/No sac bunt, I won’t argue. That is a call from the dugout. I will defend Josh a little in that OSU isn’t built on sacrificing runners. It’s built on dropping bombs. OSU historically has played for crooked numbers instead of 1 run.

This is the reason I love this site. Good baseball talk about a great program

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This year’s team isn’t as homer based. There more contact.
When Josh first came we did the 1 run stuff.

To get guys in scoring position and out of the double play I would have bunted.

The steal was 3-2 with 2 outs. Down by 2. General you try not to run your self out of an inning. He had already stole second. The walked on the pitch


“This year’s team isn’t as homer based. There more contact”. That’s not correct boss. This bunch is still put together to go deep. They aren’t a small ball/contact team. Go check the strikeout numbers.

“When Josh got here we did the 1-run stuff”. That’s because the roster was predominantly guys that were here with Frank, who was a pitching coach. The roster wasn’t capable of being able to do what Josh wanted. It is now, in theory.

3-2, 2 outs……there is ZERO chance that call came from the dugout. None.