Notebook: Homecoming Hero Leon Johnson, Mindset of Physicality and the Bowl Streak Lives

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Johnson had 149 receiving yards against Cincy.

Anyone happen to know the status of Bray, Shettron, Stribling for the Bedlam game?

Stribling is out and has been. The other 2 may come back. Green and caviness are excepted back.

I was looking for leon next year. I hope he makes a difference.

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See how i add my players you didnt know where on the team.

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Is he redshirting still or playing after breaking out Saturday?

Gundy said he was going to play after the game i dnt know if that will change.
I guess if he gets 150 per game he can get a good draft.
Thats 6 more games.

Does he not have a Covid year?

Shettron no

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They didnt play football, but he played baseball. That should not have mattered. Thats what their saying.

@lynn2 he is suppose to be out.

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What is the deal Bray can’t stay healthy. He missed all of last year almost. Same with Green too ,
Dam shame Johnson doesn’t get a redshirt to have a year more with Glass. He would put on 20 lbs of muscle. Course he was one of those pitiful players Gundy got out of the portal :crazy_face:

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From DIII no less. We should fire HCMG for that decision alone


@michael13 joy want gundy fired after this plus the d111 coach.

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And all those chitty players we got from the portal that none were worth having. We lost all great players :joy::joy:

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