O-Line Notebook: Etienne Update, Birmingham Moves Back Inside

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Birmingham was the only offensive player to start every game for OSU last season.

Etienne losing weight should help his foot work.
The kid is raw not alot of experience. Watching his foot work from juco was bad.
All these guys can come back next year. With Wilson and the 4 older guys coming in the second team will be good.

Main deal is who is the back up center. Not alot of experience at center. I think last year was Joe’s first year at center. I dnt think any one else has any time at center.

I thought you were excited about all these lineman?

Oh, he’s not a clown, so he can admit someone has flaws without thinking they’re worthless or hating them.


OSU has almost an embarrassment of riches at the the skill positions? We lost our leading rusher and receiver. We have some guys who can play and others who have potential, but it seems someone is drinking the orange kool-aid a little early……

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Joy you dnt understand what serious talk is. That tape was from 3 years ago.

What games was Etienne in last year ?

Msu and ku I believe

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