Offensive Line Recruit Silas Barr Flips Commitment from UNT to OSU

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The Pokes picked up a good one for the 2021 class.

Got big frame, adds some weight keep mobile. More the merry.

If this was a RB commitment rated this low, I’d be weary…but Coach Dickey knows what he’s doing. Turned 2 and 3 star recruits into nasty, NFL ready OL units on the regular at K-State

I hope so. Because it doesn’t look like any of the younger recruits playing on the OL right now can get off the line of scrimmage on time or put at least half their body on a defender.

I know we’ve talked about Gundy’s lack of high level recruits, but I did some looking and this is what I found over the last 5 years:
Conference recruiting ranking 2015-2019
Texas: 1,1,2,1,1 avg. 1.2
OSU: 7,7,4,5,5 avg. 5.6
Final conference standing 2015-2019
Texas: 7,6,4,2,3 avg. 4.4
OSU: 2,2,3,9,4 avg. 4.0

Seems like either Texas underperforms, OSU overperforms, or OSU’s recruiting is better than it looks on paper.

The difference is they’re not content being in the middle of the conference, that’s why they keep firing coaches.