Offensive line

How good can we be.

At the end of the year we lost silles a second teamer. Very good for us.

Danny at center doable but had 3 false starts in 9 games. Not good for the center.

Coming back we have cole a good lineman that had been mentioned as high as a first team. But for the 2nd time in 3years he will be out. They have been quite on what he has. At first i heard gone all year. Been hearing he could come back later.

Hunter is a per season 2nd team be a good guard.
Jake is our right tackle.

We will know how good the line is is were wilson starts. If he is the center were are better.
Joe played all 14 games as did wilson. Joe had 4 starts at center he can play a good center against most of the teams. Ksu and baylor woul give him and most teams troubles.

Webber was said to be have problems in spring. Robert allen said he had gain weight and mite be the left tackle.
Caleb lost a ton of weight which should help.
Tayor actually started left tackle last year.
And we got brooks and casey coming in.

Puls a senior walkon from Angelo state, played with sanders in denton. But should have some experience.
And 3 others who have played some.

Losing cole is big. I still think baring injuries knonk on wood it will start better then last year. We will see in the 4th game how good the are. Baylor may have the best 2 interlinemen.

We got 10 guys that have played. Another 3 who have st and cw playing time. There are a bunch of older guys we should bee disciplined got fast. The line should be better.

Latest report the big 12 could be worth 60 million a team, thur a 3 provider deal. Was on 365 out of waco