Offensive scheme issues

Ive seen a lot of people criticizing the offensive scheme about throwing short passes. Do you think that had more to do with injuries, or lack of experience in play calling from Kasey Dunn? I personally think they had a lot of injuries and couldn’t protect Sanders and thats why they were limited to plays that would get the ball out fast and limit his scrambling.

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Thur the first 7 games we averaged some where arond 45 points. That included 4 big 12 we averaged 39.5.

I know the gundy haters will say gundy and dunn gave up because we got our bowl win at 6.

Its also about the same time that we started have at least 5 guys out each game. Not including the guys who were out for the season or rhe rest of the season, which at this point included cole, green, evers, webber. Basically that means 25% of our 2 deep were out.

That doesnt include the walking wounded. Or guys who left in the game.

So yes dunn forgot how to call plays after the 7th game.

Read this @bill18 then comment

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Dunn’s not going to let the lack of success in his first 3 plays effect what he calls on the next. On 4th down we punt.

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Even when everyone was heathy with minimal injuries we would still prove that running the ball with anyone outside of Sanders wasn’t going to happen. We tried using a guy as an every down running back that’s meant for substitutions and short yardage plays. Ollie Gordon or Jaden Nixon should’ve had more rushes because they’ve consistently proven they’re better at getting more positive yards. In the nine games Richardson had played in I believe he only had ONE game where he actually rushed for over 100 yards. Now is that all is fault? Perhaps not, but the that leads me into my next issue for concern.

The offensive line is just too inconsistent. There is no depth on it whatsoever, and nearly every single season he’s been here outside 2019 has proven that. In fact, we’re losing two lineman I believe. One of them being the #1 JUCO lineman (4 star) in the country last season. I’ve not seen any sort of player development across the offensive line since he’s arrived in Stillwater. The only reason (that I can think of) neither of them were canned last season (an offense that ranked 49th nationally) was because they benefitted from the best defense Gundy ever had in his tenure and a portal transfer (hmmm) that played running back who is now with the Pittsburgh Steelers. We can make excuses about injuries, but at the end of the day even our starting lineman haven’t been that great. Have you not seen how completely different the offense looks when just Sanders isn’t out in the field? It’s like night and day. Which brings me to my next point.

Robert is correct in the sense that we did average that many points in the first part of the season. However, my argument here is that it’s a very dangerous thing to essentially let one player be your entire offense. Which is what Spencer Sanders was. That made a 20-25 point difference in nearly every game. This is where the depth issue comes in that I talk about. I don’t expect the backup guy to be nearly as good as Sanders, but you can’t have a night and day difference between the two and think you can just run the offensive sets as is. We did that against Baylor in the CCG last season when we had a lineman and Warren out of the game and it cost us dearly. Dunn is not hard to figure out. I believe someone on here said he’s Mr. Run, run, pass. The problem is we can’t run and we keep trying the same runs. Not only are we not creative in our run sets, but we think we can run them with a different kind of runner :man_shrugging:. In 2012 Todd Monken had to play musical chairs with three quarterbacks throughout the season and still managed to finish 3rd nationally in total offense while have to deal with one of the worst defenses in the Gundy era. Imagine if we would’ve had a top 10 defense that season like we did in 2021?

It’s almost as if Dunn and Dickey never speak to each other throughout the season and fuuck off until a couple of days before the game. Then they slap together a quick game plan just like Congress slaps together a midnight spending bill. Even with injuries it shouldn’t be that bad. We scored 16 points against the worst defense in the conference. That’s totally unacceptable injuries or not. It would be easy for me to blame everything on injuries and totally ignore all the other underlying issues within the program. Dunn is an average OC at best and the best thing Dickey’s done so far is send a Josh Henson recruit to the NFL.

Last but not least let’s talk about Spencer Sanders for a moment. I don’t blame the guy for leaving. While he was a turnover machine at times it’s not exactly like his coaches put him in the best position to be successful. He’s pretty much spent his career at OSU with no offense line to protect him and almost no running game to compliment him outside of Hubbard and Warren. He’s for the most part BEEN the running game and the offense. While he wasn’t perfect it looked like he played his as$ off, and that’s all you can ask of a kid that doesn’t seem to get much assistance. To conclude it’s a combination of everything but we all seem to make excuses for one or the other.


One big thing is you real dnt keep up with the team. Ive wrote this in a my expanded way, but your always on depth development. We had a starter at tulsa, tech and san Diego state with a good back up at Nebraska this year. Those guys were recruited and developed by dickey. The problem is with covid and portal they ran off. With one being kicked off. That is why our run game hurts.

You really dnt have to write so much. Not sure any one will read all of your rainman post

Your problem is you’re unwilling to hold the OL coach responsible or accountable for the position he’s well compensated in. You do know that Gundy fired Adkins for not being able to recruit, develop, and sustain players, right? Why should that be any different for Dickey? It’s not like Dickey just found out yesterday the portal exists. For every miss he makes there’s an opportunity to correct it. It doesn’t take a rain man to put it all together. At some point you’ve got to find someone that can do the job and do it well.

Ive answer your rainman comment about dickey. There wrong.

Problem is, O only tries to do what D is presenting instead of attacking the D and making them react.

Philosophy problem.

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