Official Oklahoma State-TCU Gameday Thread

Excited for this one. Big opportunity to set yourself up for a nice finish and GET BOWL ELIGIBLE!

Interested to see how Sanders responds to losing his security blanket. Big game for the young QB

About to head back to Stillwater. Big game for us season trajectory wise. Win here and I bet we go 8-3 into Bedlam. Lose here and the wheels might start falling off.

I know what you mean by “security blanket”, but it still made me LOL. Imagined Linus going onto the playing field.

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Informal poll: Who leads OSU in targets/catches/yards/TDs among wide receivers?

I say Stoner leads in targets and catches, Braydon Johnson in yards, McCray in scores.

I’ve wondered about polls. There must be an option within the software to do user-created polls. Is it a conscious decision by the PFB brain trust not to turn on that functionality?

On your poll, I might go Wolf, Wolf, Stoner, McCray, but literally nothing would surprise me.

Targets: Stoner
Catches: Stoner
Yards: McCray
TDs: McCray

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Give me all the CJ Moore and McCray stock. RS Frosh gonna step up in a big way today

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We’ll see how this goes. I’m not super confident, but always am hoping for a win.

I’ll actually expand this a bit.

If we can get the rest of the wideouts involved (Stoner, Wolf, McCray, Johnson, even CJ Moore maybe) along with Jelani Woods, we may have a shot to surprise.

If Sanders is lost without his safety blanket and turns the ball over 3-4 times (as we’ve seen is possible), we have no chance.

It all comes down to how we throw the ball.

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I love 2:30p games.

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Des, Jerry “The King” Lawler, and Kirk all picked TCU. Only Lee went with OSU.

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Tcu is going to pack the box and dare us to run it at them…which we we might. Could be a long day

Kirk’s picked us wrong the last 2 games. Here’s to hoping for a 3rd. :beers:


I’m starting to hate updates from Scott Wright now.

Sooooo, we can’t run the ball as well…

Take these words with a grain of salt but serious question for all the fan base here … I was raised with the mentality that if you are hurting you can play, if you are injured that’s a different story … ive applied that to everything in my life from wrestling at the collegiate level, to leading marines in Iraq, to now being a fireman in one of the biggest cities in America… while I understand football is a game and these young men should 100% take care of themselves I just can’t help but question the levels of fortitude sometimes … maybe I’m wrong any thoughts?

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I don’t think that’s what’s happening here. I doubt Gundy would let his kids sit out just for being sore or hurting - these are legit injuries, which is where the concern comes in. What were they doing in practice this week that made these injuries happen?

I agree , just has me wondering sometimes ya know? But on a serious note I feel as though we go through this crap EVERY year and I understand injuries happen but my lord I feel as though we have tons of them

I’m taking all the stock in CJ Moore and Brayden Johnson today.

Catch-22: we can’t tackle because we don’t tackle in practice; we get injuries in practice because we tackle in practice. :man_shrugging:

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