Official PFB+ Homecoming Game Thread

Just under four hours until kick. Let’s get this party started, folks.

As with every game this year, it all depends on how we start. If we come out of the gate mad and hitting them hard, they’ll shrink and it’ll be great. If we come out like we did against Tech, it won’t even be close. Hopefully the staff has the team angry and ready to run through a wall, but we have to be smart.

How we lost to tech is legitimately beyond me …

5 turnovers to 0 turnovers. You don’t need to look any farther than that statistic.


I mean I understand how we lost it’s just pure athletic and talent differential between us and them is very noticeable

Poke by 90

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Any word yet on the o-line. Is galloway back?

It just comes down to limiting mistakes on offense, talent level becomes neglible at the rate they were handing the ball back to Tech. Sucks because it’s gonna happen having a freshman back there, but hopefully they got him fixing some bad habits over the last 13 days.

Agreed just frustrating as a fan but heck that’s the story of our lives under as fans under gundy and even before him

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I had a vasectomy yesterday. I’m hopeful that’s the most painful thing I endure this weekend.


(Good afternoon).

Porter coming in with a possibly-eerily accurate prediction of the feeling of the game.

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That’s a hell of a way to enter the thread. Attach9837_20180104_192527


Yikes :neutral_face:

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Any guesses here?


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I like the helmets!


Two people that have not had a vasectomy?

Correct. Trevor Lawrence is one of them. Spencer Sanders is the other.

Those unis are amazing. Love the old brand and the O/O/W