Ok, not counting my chickens, but let me dream for a second... tiebreaker?

I think it’s really unlikely KSU loses to WVU and KU for us to leap them.

However, can they lose a rivalry game against the best KU team in a decade and a half? Maybe. KU would certainly want it. So… let’s say we muddy this into a 3-way tie with Texas and KSU. We’ve beaten Texas, Texas has beaten KSU, KSU has beaten us. What’s the tiebreaker? I remember when OU, Texas, and Texas Tech were in this spot, didn’t it end up being AP polling? Is overall record part of it? I know KSU and Texas both lost a noncon game.

We have the worst two teams in the Big 12 left to play. That’s not going to do anything for our AP polling and neither of those games are gimmes considering how gimpy we are and how our entire team lives or dies on Sanders’s wheels. KSU can certainly win their last two. Texas can lose to KU. Lots of ifs, but seems the more likely outcome than KSU simply dropping two.

There are a bunch of ways it could go. It still can be a 5 way tie for second. No matter what happens is we need to win out and ksu loses out. Thats the best.

They’re not losing to WVU.

Its in morgantown its somthing about Morgantown. Like ames for us. There more likely to lose to wv then ku at Manhattan.

Just win out and let the chips fall where they may.

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Yea KSU isn’t going to loose both of their final 2 games, unless some major injuries happen. We just need to win out and see what kind of bowl match up we get

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We win out, we are 3rd. That should be Alamo. Depends if tcu goes to the playoff. I dont think ksu could get high enough to get a big 6 if tcu doesnt go to the playoff.

Yeah, I was looking at tiebreaker rules. If we tied with KSU and Texas, I think we’d be fourth, but I could be reading that wrong.

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Well baylor os still im with texas. But i think differential is thr tie breaker. With the 58 point lose were 5th.
The only way is we win out and ksu loses out

A 4-way with us, Baylor, Texas, and KSU would go mini-round robin. We’d be 2-1, KSU would be 2-1, Texas would be 2-1, Baylor would be 0-3… so they’d be eliminated and it’d go back to 3-way.

Like i said i think they go differential, if they are locked up with head to head. So no matter how it works if ksu is involved that -48 is a killer.

Differential is after round robin.

Yes i said if they lock up head to head. Or more then 2 teams tied.

Right, but mini-round robin is the first tiebreaker.

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