Oklahoma State 2021 Spring Football Preview: Running Backs

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OSU’s RB group boasts options and experience.

Obvious talent at RB which means the O line will have to be healthy in order to take advantage of this gifted corps of RBs. If the coaching is good this would mean that Cowboys should run over the opposition because we can have fresh legs during the entire game as their defense gets fatigued. This depends on the OSU coaches using a good rotation approach instead of making the most productive RB carry the ball 30 times. A 4 guy rotation would be mind blowing. But why not? Similar situation with the receivers. There is enough depth to have fresh legs out there to out run the tired legs of the pass coverage. If Sanders has improved we have a chance to start doing things on offense that we last saw in 2011 and really roll up big scores instead of playing to just hold onto the lead in the second half. Have a great season, then have a chance to go up a level in recruits to choose from. Just pray that the karma of mass injuries is over with. I want to see what we can expect from Kasey Dunn.


Zach Middleton looks like a bowling ball of a back!!

Three of those guys had 100 yd games with the line we had. Add another its going to be better then last year.

By the articles numbers he should be.
They list him at 5 foot and 200 lbs. :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face::rofl::rofl::rofl::thinking::thinking::crazy_face::crazy_face::partying_face::exploding_head::cowboy_hat_face:

That’s not a typo??!?

I think he is 5’9"
Yes a 9 can become a 0 very easily

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I like your optimism but don’t let it get ahead of you. I have seen this picture many times and they always find a way to lose games they had no business losing.


I just thought that was a typo for Middleton. That they meant to put 6’0" instead of 5’0"?
If that was not a mistake then he could be a secret weapon since the defense won’t be able to see him over the linemen.

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His Bio says 5’9"

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That’s Warren in the pic.

The Hill and Hubbard type (smaller, faster) is optimal for a spread offense with wide spacing. We haven’t been running the offense that way lately though, it’s been more pulls and counters and tight sets, stuff like that. Bigger, stronger backs are what we need for this type of offense and we’re loaded with that now. I think the group looks better as a whole this year than it did last year, even without Hubbard. Which is part of the reason why both Richardson and Jackson had a better single game performance than hubbard did, even though Hubbard got way more chances than those two. LD is still the biggest threat, but he needs to stay healthy. It still blows my mind that at his size he still has a faster downhill sprint than Chuba.

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What is the best season wide performance by a back that no one ever remembers to you guys? One that comes to mind for me is Raymond Taylor. That year’s Oline might have been one of OSU’s worst of all time, and no one on the entire roster could figure out how to gain a yard. Carson, Carr, Childs, none of them. Then Taylor comes in out of nowhere as a walk on and explodes for 2 TDs on 11 ypc against tech. He averaged almost 6 and a half ypc that season and no other RB had over 4 ypc. That line was a joke and I have no clue how he was able to do that when the others couldn’t. Also have no earthly idea how that team went 10-3.:joy: They couldnt run the ball and they couldn’t stop anybody. Still made a NY6 bowl.