Oklahoma State 21 in Coaches Poll, Unranked in AP Poll

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OSU is No. 26 in the AP Poll for the third time in the past four weeks.

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Tech has no business being ranked ahead of us, let alone in the top 20. There’s not a single measure of their results in any way that warrants them being ahead of us.

Overall record- Advantage OSU (14-6 vs 14-7)
Conference record- Advantage OSU (7-6 vs 6-6)
VS ranked teams- Advantage OSU (4-3 vs 2-6)
Record head to head- Advantage OSU (1-0)

OSU is even on a 2 game win streak while tech has lost two in a row.

Literally the only thing keeping tech ranked so high, and ahead of us in general, is the fact that a bunch of players who don’t play for them anymore made the championship 2 years ago. No justification at all could be given to explain why tech is where they are, while OSU is where they are. The only thing that could change that is a Tech win tonight, and even with a win their resume would still be worse than ours even after the fact.


You saved me a lot of time… I was going to point out the same stuff.

Agreed. Plus there’s way more question marks then just this in both the coaches and AP polls. How is Arkansas ahead of us when we beat them? How is Alabama ahead of OU when OU beat them?

Yeah I agree, Bama should not be ahead of OU. Usually I can understand a team ranked above another that they lost to if their body of work outside of that game is better. You could at least make arguments. You can’t with Tech though, they lose the comparison with OSU any and every way you turn it. Rankings are silly.

Either that the Committee doesn’t think we are going to be in the post tournament OR! The Committee got with all the voters and took them out to Kentucky fried chicken🤷‍♂️

Gotem some liver and gizzards meal

And Cade showed me something the last couple games that he’s still the number #1 player but if I had to nit pick he has to work on his too much dribbling and turn over wows but HEY ROBERT AND FRIENDS you like chips?

Alabama is going to win the SEC so that at least is understandable but Arkansas ahead of us I mean no. I could see us being 20 and 21 respectively sure but to be ranked 6 spots above us. Silly. Really if we woulda beaten TCU twice like we should have. Gave them a away… if not for that we are ranked #10

What makes you think he’s better than jalen Suggs? I mean he’s great no doubt but ■■■■ Suggs can go