Oklahoma State Announces Signing of John-Michael Wright

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It’s official.

Well I hope he can do what he is boasting.

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Lol really?

Regardless, we do need some new faces. Rolling the dice and hoping these 3 transfers can perform at the Big 12 level. Not sure what I think about Tyreek Smith and Woody Newton. They so far seem like just OK players, but Cowboys need a higher level of player than that. I am assuming that most fans are going into next season with apprehension rather than excitement. A wait and see attitude.

Smith and Newton have had their moments
Newton didnt get a lot of times but hit some 3’s.
Smith played good minutes and crash the boards well.

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That’s my point. Those 2 made some OK plays but that is not going to be enough help for this team. We need a couple of stars, and I don’t see any hint of that so far coming from the transfer portal. I still can’t shake the memory of Ferron Flavors.

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Thats a sorry @zz fan

@tai how many full games did you watch?

All but one or two