Oklahoma State Announces Wrestling Schedule

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As always, the Pokes have a tough schedule.

Thats quite the schedule. Well i hope we have enough wrestlers

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It’s going to be a brutal season I’m afraid.


Whoa Nellie!
Over the past 56 seasons that I have been following oSu wrestling I can’t recall a schedule as tough as this one. It is worthy of a Myron Roderick coached team. The Cowboys will be running the gauntlet for sure, with a team that realistically has only one possible guy who has a chance of ending up in the NCAA championship match. What was John Smith thinking? I can’t wait to hear him answer that question when he first meets with the media. This schedule puts fear in me; afraid of what our won and loss record will look like at the end of the season. I see that John Smith is trying to help save PAC 12 wrestling; that’s an honorable gesture.
I hope that OU is drastically improved so that we have a real battle for Bedlam. But Michigan and Iowa in the same season? Not sure if Minnesota has rebounded yet. They have dropped in talent since the departure of J Robinson. I wonder why we never wrestle Ohio State? I would have liked to see more home duals on the schedule.
My crystal ball is showing me at least 4 losses in duals. More if we have injuries.

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Tough tough schedule …. I hope we start a climb back to the upper upper 3-4 programs In the NCAA…. Other than Fixx I don’t see a high finisher. Guess we will see

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How come Iowa doesn’t want to wrestle at a baseball stadium four hours from their campus?

What was John thinking? That our schedules over the last several years have been soft and it does us no good to roll over teams like Arkansas Little Rock and Air Force if we want to compete with the best and get back to the podium. He’s been saying this for years. And fans have been clamoring for tougher schedules for years. Well, here we go friends.

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Agree. Schedule is not any harder than average Big 10 school. No Penn State, no Wisc., no Nebraska, no Arizona State, no Cornell, no NC State. So I view it as reasonable, but not killer schedule. Everyone on team except for Fix and Plott will face several wrestlers where he is an underdog. This will help prepare them for nationals and with their seeds. So to me a good balance.
Also, with Southern Scuffle, are starters going or only backups?

Im with on the fact it is not tuffer then a big ten. But we cant keep guys healthy with a poor schedule. More exposure is good too. Just got to stay healthy

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