Oklahoma State Basketball Announces the Signing of Its 2023 Recruiting Class

Originally published at: Oklahoma State Basketball Announces the Signing of Its 2023 Recruiting Class | Pistols Firing

A quartet of high school basketball prospects made it official with Oklahoma State on Wednesday. Oklahoma State announced the signings of Brandon Garrison, Jamyron Keller, Justin McBride and Connor Dow here on the fist day of the early signing period. That group of four ranks 12th nationally in 247Sports’ team rankings, which is good for third in the Big 12. ESPN has OSU’s class at No. 15 while Rivals has it at No. 16. Here is a breakdown of each prospect. Brandon Garrison Height: 6-9Position: CenterHometown: Del City, OklahomaAAU Stats: 9.7 PPG, 8 RPG. 2.7 APGHighest Star Rating: :star::star::star::star: (ESPN, Rivals, 247Sports, On3) Boynton on Garrison: “Brandon is the state’s best prospect. He’s very accomplished having already won a state championship and a gold medal as a member is the USA U18 team in summer 2022. Brandon is a great rebounder and maybe the best passing post player in the country. His impact will be a great one from the moment he arrives in Stillwater. Brandon has been developed by a host of great coaches in both high school and AAU.” Jamyron Keller Height: 6-1Position: GuardHometown: Killeen, TexasAAU Stats: 12.3 PPG, 4 RPG, 3.5 APGHighest Star Rating: :star::star::star::star: (ESPN) Boynton…

Sounds like a good class Hope they develop into some shooters , and good ball handlers, 15 TO the other night isn’t good

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Wow. Love Coach’s recruiting. Let’s prove it on the court now. I think he can.

Hope they are good free throw shooters

Dude, that’s SUCH an ignorant comment. You’re the worst…

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Boynton said his “goal” is to hit 75% from the freethrow line. That would barely put us in the top 100 in the country. The easiest thing to practice and Boynton fails miserably. We are #155 in the country right now at 70%. Yikes! Very telling that the fundamentals are lost on him.

Another coach to fire. Is thete any coaches doing the rite thing

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We are losing, so no.

11 new coaches. Boy thats going to cut into the budget. New ad too?

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The AD is already new. Holliday is definitely on the block after being the #1 seed in a home Super Regional and folding like a Gundy coached team. I hope they focused on pitching during the offseason because we lost a ton of pitching.

Just make it a new slate every 4 years in all sports if they need it or not

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And, before you go all crazy, it was a Regional, not a Super Regional. Which makes it even worse.

That’s a disgusting comment. You should be ashamed.

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It obviously was. There is absolutely no other reason for that hire. He had zero previous head coaching experience at that level.

If everyone fired their coaches for not winning something in the post season , regional, CC, naty, et.al., every or every other year then almost every coach would be out of a job every 1-2 seasons. How stupid is that.


Even after 17 years? lol.

Yea well you are wrong and a real Ass for saying it


No, I’m not wrong. And, I’m not wrong for pointing it out. Grow some balls and get in the winning mentality. Boynton can recruit probably better than anyone in the country. He just can’t coach. PERIOD. And, they have enough coaches for each player to have his own personal coach, and they still can’t get the fundamentals down.

Anyone know if gumball is joys second account on here ? Sounds about like him , just more radical and self absorbed :roll_eyes:

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Yea. Meanwhile, Boynton just dropped a game to a nobody.