Oklahoma State Basketball Gets One-Year Postseason Ban from NCAA

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A nightmare scenario for OSU.

How many of our recruits ask for a release? This penalty is the worst case scenario. KU better get penalized for their involvement.

Did this immediately crash the site?

Does this apply to the big 12 basketball tournament as well?

This is a joke!!! Baylor (murders and Coach cover ups) and Miami (proven time pay players) get nothing. Not one person at this school had anything to do with this. Illinois gets to possibly make the postseason, and our kids (that choose to stay) get nothing. If this is the case: Arizona and Kansas better get much much worse!

This is why the NCAA is a joke… I bet we see more and more basketball athletes take the G League route to get paid and not deal with this madness…

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Wow! Didn’t really expect that. Wow. Feel bad for the kids.

This is the most Oklahoma State thing to happen since squinking the kick in 2011. Get the number 1 guy and go straight to jail.

What a nightmare


I’m Surprised we got hit before Kansas.

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Its ridiculous. This was one coach operating a side hustle that benefited OSU basketball in no way. It didn’t benefit recruiting or competition. No players received any extra benefits. No one in the program knew he was doing it. The coach was fired as soon as it came to light.

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I hope college sports is cancelled due to Covid and that the NCAA goes bankrupt.

I don’t know if I mean that, but it’s just so senseless. All these schools get away with all this stuff. And OSU has one provably rogue coach and gets this right as they’re poised for a renaissance. Total BS.

Wow, the NCAA sucks!! Kansas will probably get off easy.

This is going to set the men’s basketball program back for years on end. They need to appeal and at the very least get the ban removed.
Kansas better get hammered as well.

The NCAA seems to always disappoint when it comes to oSu. Need to appeal,kick the can down the road, and see if they drop the hammer on programs with worse violations. So much for the schools being victims of rogue coaches, shoe companies, and agents.

Does South Carolina get a ban because of this coach?

Obviously we will appeal. This is incredibly strict and unfair. One of the complaints against OSU is that Evans refused to cooperate with the investigation AFTER he was already fired by OSU!

Is this where we are at in society? During a massive pandemic that has engulfed the whole world where people are suffering endlessly, NCAA thinks it is fit to hit a school and its fan base with a death sentence for a rogue assistant’s misdeeds. The coach responsible for brining in the rogue assistant is somewhere else and he goes scott free. Is there a wider conspiracy here?

Maybe I’m nuts but I think it has to do with Cade Cunningham. I think Kentucky or Duke or another blue blood wants Cade for next year and pulled some strings with someone (or several someone’s) high up in the NCAA committee to get us banned. They were worried we might actually be good next year and wanted Cade on their team. Penalties are way too harsh for what happened.

I wonder if this gets reduced in an appeal and used a justification for going “easy” on the blue bloods sentences. It was the NCAA that said universities were victim in these schemes. Time for college sports to move into the 21st century and drop the antiquated NCAA as I don’t think they are capable of reform.