Oklahoma State Beating Teams in Ways It Never Has Under Gundy

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It’s the first time in the Gundy era OSU has gone back-to-back games without a passing TD.

You guys are going to wish we would go back to the air raid once the pokes start facing teams that are physically and mentally better on defense. Playing this kind of offensive game is not good for a program like OSU. OSU doesn’t currently have the OL or talent depth for it. OSU doesn’t have the athletes like the top teams in the SEC have.

Feels like Gundy is running a Bill Snyder type offense. While that might work some in the Big 12 it’s going to kill the pokes if they face anyone with better talent outside the conference. Gundy might as well give Bob Simmons and Les Miles a call and ask them if they want to be the new OC and Assistant OC for OSU.

OSU should probably stop loading up on talent receivers and load up on talented lineman if We are going to see OSU go Pat Jones 2.0 and rely on defense (Something OSU very rarely is good at) to help win the game.

There r 2 things they didn’t mention, how many interceptions lunt had and did we beat Arizona. No one talks about last yrs game we scored 20. There a lot of chicken little effect going around. Look what I see is were 2 and 0. I see alot of players doing their jobs or more. I see the team growing in the rite way.

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What I see is a 2-0 team that struggled to beat Tulsa and beat probably the 9th best team in the conference from what it looks like so far. If you think they are going to make it to a Big 12 title game playing like this then you’ve been drinking.

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I know we don’t have a qb or ol to do an air attack of even 2018. U speak of these great defense’s of the big 12, other then Kansas no scored under 34 points. I don’t know where we finish. But, I’m not going to put down the team.

These teams in the Big 12 don’t need great defenses to stop the offense we’re running out on the field right now. This defense hasn’t been tested by anyone with a speck of talent on offense.

Will 5-5 get us into the conference title game? I’ve been hearing about this team going to the conference title game but they look like a 5-5 team to me.

I keep hearing about how the O-Line is getting it done. Really it’s all smoke and mirrors. Watch the film closely and there are a lot of times the lineman are out of position, get drove back, or just whiffing on the blocks they should be making.

The fact of the matter is two of our touchdowns runs came on 90 of the 203 yards OSU rushed for. So if the pokes don’t get away those it’s 38 carries for 113 yards on the game. So just a little over 2.9 yards per carry. Obviously the line did it’s part in those runs, but that’s really a testament to the speed and vision of Hubbard and Brown.

We still don’t have any clue how good this team is. We won’t really know for another 17 days or so if this team is good or not.