Oklahoma State Comes in at No. 22 in First College Football Playoff Poll of 2023 Season

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OSU was unranked in the AP and Coaches polls.

Of course, they want Bedlam to be two ranked opponents

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Hope you guys can all clam down we are ranked

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This is the most interesting polls ive remembered. Lot of different takes on the position.

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If we beat OU, they have to rank us ahead of KU.
OU should drop significantly with such a loss. I keep getting the number 68 flashing in my mind whenever I think about the game. As if part of me thinks OU is going to put up 68 pts. I think our 3-5 defense plus young secondary is very weak against a talented team. I think Bowman gets intercepted. If we don’t score first, it could go downhill quickly.

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Given the scandal(s) at Michigan, should they be ranked?

OSU SHOULD brimming with confidence. OU SHOULD be unsure. Let’s hope that holds. I too am uncomfortable with the secondary. A few games ago I had made peace with the reality that ou was going to kick us around the field mercilessly. Now I have hope we could win or maybe even do the kicking…. Isn’t it weird that I both love and hate that??


It’s the hope that kills you.

I had no hope 4 weeks ago and didn’t care about bedlam. Now I’m ready to be hurt again.

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